5 apps for myopic, color blind and people with vision problems

    5 color blind apps
    5 color blind apps

    Our eyes are the window to the world. And having visual problems can condition a lot, not only the way we look but also the way we move, move or work. To enjoy good visual health and to tackle any problem that may arise it is essential to visit the ophthalmologist often.

    The most advisable, especially if you have diagnosed any disease, is to do it once a year. Or as many times as your doctor deems appropriate. There are, as reinforcement, some applications that can help us intuit the diagnosis of the oculist. Or that they can make life easier for us.

    Next, we recommend five applications for myopic, color blind and people with other vision problems. You will see that they are really useful.

    apps for myopic

    1. Visual Test

    This is Visual Test, an app available for both iOS and Android, which serves to check the view from home.

    So, whether you have vision problems or not, you can use this tool to make orientation tests. From the app itself, in fact, are responsible for reminding you that you have to visit the ophthalmologist annually in order to obtain a true diagnosis.

    The application includes two groups of tests. In the first, we find Duocrom, Astigmatism, Visual Field and AMLSR Grid. In the second, tests of Daltonism, Magic Eye, Questionnaire and Image Test. It is a useful tool if what we want is to check the increase of a diopter, for example, or the possibility that we are developing astigmatism.

    You may have to do some tests in the company of another person. Sometimes you will have to place the application two or three meters away, so it will be necessary to have someone to go giving instructions and passing the screens.

    Download Visual Test  

    Visio Test
    Visio Test
    Developer: Barraquer
    Price: Free


    apps for myopic

    2. DaltoniCam

    Life being colorblind is a little more complicated. DaltoniCam is an application that can help you a lot, in case you need it: on the street, in the office and anywhere else. What this tool does is use the camera of the device to show you the objects in other colors.

    You can choose the color change mode, selecting Protanopia (Red to Blue), Deuteranopia (Green to Red) or Tritanopia (Blue to Red). You can activate the fluorescent, start the flashlight or capture an image. It can be great when it comes to checking metro lines or seeing the actual colors of an underlined report.

    Download DaltoniCam

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    3. GlassesOff or how to stop wearing glasses

    This application promises to help you stop using glasses. As you read it. It is not a deception or in principle, it does not seem so. The fundamentals of this application are supported by scientific means such as Nature, Science, PNAS, Vision Research or Scientific Report. Its performance has been analyzed by the University of Berkeley (California).

    First, you will have to indicate what your goals are. You can choose, for example, Read without glasses, Read and recognize objects faster, Prevent future vision problems or Prevent fatigue and headaches.

    The tool will ask you why you need the glasses, in what year you were born and if you have medical problems that may affect your vision (such as diabetes). From there, the application will ask you to perform a series of 12-minute daily exercises.

    You can also do them three times a week or choose another more sporadic frequency. It is important, yes, that you be constant. Otherwise, it is most likely that the application has little or no effectiveness.

    Download GlassesOff

    Developer: EYEKON E.R.D Ltd.
    Price: Free

    apps for myopic

    4. Contact lenses and more

    Are you a contact lens user? If your answer is affirmative, you will know that when using contact lenses you should be very careful. However, some professionals know – and you yourself, if you are reasonable – that we sometimes make incorrect use of contact lenses.

    Sometimes they are used longer than recommended. They are worn for more hours than indicated. Or they do not do the maintenance correctly. And this is vital for our eye health. Lentillas and more is an application that was born first for iOS but is now available for free for Android.

    When you access the app, you will have to configure it. First of all, it will be necessary to indicate when you started using the contact lenses you are wearing. You can check how many days you have on the calendar, watch videos on how to put on or take off contact lenses and maintenance tips.

    You also have space with quick tips, such as: wash your hands before handling the lenses, disinfect them or never wash them under tap water. If you want you can also perform a search according to the type of contact lenses you need, in case you have to acquire new ones.

    Download Contact Lenses and more

    Lentillas y más
    Lentillas y más
    Developer: NV Ingeniería
    Price: Free

    5. Blue light filter

    Are you one of those who is up to many looking at the mobile? Experts recommend leaving the use of screens until an hour before going to sleep. But not everyone does it. In fact, many of us sleep with the phone stuck to the cushion. And we even keep looking at the pending messages if we wake up at night. And so there is no way.

    apps for myopic

    If you do not have any vision problems, but you want to protect your sight, you have a lot of applications at your fingertips. The blue light filter is one of them. Blue light can seriously harm retinal neurons, so it is convenient to avoid telephones. Or install a filter of these characteristics. In this way, in addition to protecting our vision, we will be improving our dream.

    The application offers many configuration options and different intensities. You can choose the color temperature and do it directly through the selector. You have different modes. Night, Candlelight, Dawn, Incandescent lamp and Fluorescent lamp.

    It has a timer so you can automatically activate the light you like at night. And not having to activate it again during the day. When you try it, you will notice the relaxation in your eyes instantly.

    Download Blue light filter


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