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How to use Google search to save your favorite images


    Did you know that the Google search application allows you to have a record of your favorite images? No matter the subject, since the file is generated from any image you have searched within Google and want to save to have on hand.

    We tell you to step by step how to save images as favorites and how you can access them later from the mobile application of Google search.

    Save the images you’re looking for in the Google app


    Enter the Google search and enter the search term that interests you. Then, access the images section. You can also filter them according to the type of image you are looking for: clip art, gif, etc.

    When you access the content that interests you, you will see that below the description there are three small buttons: Visit (to access the web page where the image is), Share and Save.

    To create a file with your favorite images, you will have to click on the Save button. And the most interesting thing is that a list will be opened so you can add the image to a specific category.

    For example: maybe you want to have a folder with photos of the city you are going to visit in the coming weeks, but you prefer to save the images of your favorite recipes separately. The options are unlimited and you can create as many lists as you need.

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    How to access the file of images saved in the Google search engine

    At any time, when you enter the Google mobile app, you will see that in the image search results a “View saved” button is displayed in the upper right corner. There you can enter your complete catalog, with all the images that you have stored ordered in their lists or folders.

    In addition, in this section, you can also access the section of Saved Sites and Featured Sites in Google Maps. Your photos saved from the search results will be available in the Favorite images section.

    The most interesting part of this section, in addition, is that you can also keep the link to the web where the images appear. It is also available the option to add a note to your comment, modify the lists where the image is saved or eliminate completely from the favorites file.

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