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Opinion Rewards reaches iOS: earn money for sharing your opinion

    Opinion Rewards is a Google program with which we can get real money (not credit for spending on apps) in exchange for sharing our opinion. Basically, all we have to do is answer surveys that the search engine sends to make money.

    The respondents arrive by means of a notification and for each one of them, we will receive a variable remuneration, with a maximum of 1 dollar for each one of them. Of course, we will be able to reject and omit all those questionnaires that we do not want to complete, and will not negatively impact our Opinion Rewards account (that is, they will not stop sending us surveys).

    Surveys can be a single question, although the maximum will always be 10, so it will not take us long to fill them. In fact, the average time to answer the entire questionnaire is in half a minute.

    So far, and on a weekly basis, is only available for Android, Google distributed a total of 3 million surveys. In order for us to receive surveys, we will have to have the geolocation activated, because Google needs to know where we are to offer local content and so that its clients can have data of the results of their advertising campaigns by regions.

    On Android the credit adds directly to the Play Store account, but in this case, since Google has no application store on iOS, has decided to offer the possibility of withdrawing the money to our PayPal account , from where we can remove the cash or make purchases in both online stores and the App Store, as it is accepted as payment method.

    We may occasionally receive surveys that require us to watch a video or a concrete image. If it were necessary, the phone would ask us if we can listen to audio at this time.


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