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Snapdragon 845 is created on 10-nanometer technology


    Many high-tech connoisseurs are waiting for Qualcomm to acquaint the public with the new top platform Snapdragon 845 because it will let you know what the flagships of next year will have. The latest information indicates that the chipmaker is docking its flagship processor and will present it before the end of this year. Despite the predictions that it will be manufactured according to the standards of the 7-nanometer process technology, another confirmation has come that it will be based on 10-nm LPE FinFET technology (Low Power Early).

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    10 nanometer technology

    It is expected that the new platform will receive updated processor cores Kryo, graphics Adreno 630 and LTE-modem X20. According to rumors, we are waiting for a repetition of the situation with Snapdragon 835, when Samsung bought up the first chips for its own flagships. Although there are those who claim that the South Korean giant decided to change the benchmarks and will bet on the company’s Exynos chip, so there will not be a monopoly on the new Qualcomm product. It is already known that Samsung has mastered the 8-nanometer process technology and is ready to start mass production of the chip based on it. Perhaps it’s about the Exynos 9810, which can also get a neural coprocessor to work with artificial intelligence. The first commercial products with Snapdragon 845 will appear on the market in the first quarter of 2018 and they will be the flagships Galaxy S9 and Xiaomi Mi7.

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