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How to disable or configure the Google Assistant

    Google Assistant
    Google Assistant

    The Google Assistant is now available to all users. This new way of communicating with our mobile phone was introduced by Google a year ago with the arrival of Google Pixel. Now, all phones with Android 6.0 Marshmallow and above, and those with at least one screen with HD resolution can enjoy this great assistant that allows us to search, recite poems and even sing songs. Although the Google assistant is a feature that we would have to use yes or yes on our device, you have to know that you can deactivate it. There are different ways of doing it. Next, we show them to you.

    To call the Google Assistant we have to keep the Home button pressed for approximately three seconds. The Wizard will not open to full screen unless we issue a command. In such a way, sometimes we make false touches and wake up the assistant. The most practical option is to deactivate the assistant completely.

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    To do this, we must enter the Google Assistant, and click on the three points at the top right. We enter the second category, ‘Settings’. Once inside the Assistant settings, we must go to the option of devices and click on ‘Phone’. To deactivate the assistant, uncheck the ‘Google Assistant’ box. Once unchecked, the Google assistant will be disabled. Even so, if we keep pressing the Home button a message will appear saying that the Google Assistant is deactivated, and will allow us to activate it whenever we want.

    A very interesting option for physical buttons

    Google Assistant

    Another very feasible option, but not available to everyone, is to use a third-party application to set another command on the Home button other than to open the wizard. Unfortunately, this option can only be used by those with physical buttons. It is done thanks to Button Mapper, an application that allows us to choose what we want to do with our buttons.

    For example, we can select that by pressing and holding the home button, the camera or a specific app is opened. Some devices such as OnePlus already have this option implemented in their customization layer. In addition, in this way we do not need to deactivate the Google Assistant, we can always call you by the OK Google command.

    If you have buttons on the screen, a launcher is the best option

    Finally, if we want Google Assistant to disappear from the Home button, we can use a Launcher that allows us to select a command by keeping it pressed. Nova launcher is one of the best options. In the settings, it provides different commands by keeping the button pressed.

    For example, we can make it block the device, or open some specific application. Unfortunately, for this option, the Google Assistant has to be completely disabled, and we can not call it using voice commands.

    Although at the moment, these options can serve as an escape to remove Assistant from the Home button, Google will soon implement it by default. Little by little Google Now will be losing strength, and will take the Google Assistant throne.

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