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Samsung has created an installation from the Galaxy S5 for the crypto currency


    About the crypto currency does not say unless lazy. Most of all the excitement is unfolding around bitcoin, whose course has recently broken records. Cryptocurrency is not taken anywhere – it must be obtained.

    For this, a mining farm is used – a high-performance computer with several graphics cards. The company Samsung has built his farm and used for its creation Galaxy S5.

    galaxy upcycling

    According to the statement of the South Korean specialists, they found out that the eight flagships of the last generation work more efficiently than the usual average desktop solution with decent graphics.

    At the heart of the mining cluster created by the Samsung, the farm is 40 Galaxy S5 units. Which are integrated into a single unit and operate under a special operating system optimized for the production of cryptocurrency. What software platform is involved, the company is silent.

    The mining farm was created by South Korean engineers in the framework of the Upcycling program, designed to find new uses for older smartphones. Among the examples of ideas implemented within the framework of this project.

    We can name the face recognition system at the entrance to the house and the aquarium monitor, created on the basis of the smartphone Galaxy S3.

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