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How to convert .bmp images to .jpg


    .bmpwhich usually take up much more disk space than images,.jpg which prevented users with slow connections to appreciate the images that complemented his writings, so I had to learn to convert images .bmp to .jpg, and although there are different ways to do it the simplest way using the tool mogrifypackage.ImageMagick

    bmp to jpg

    What is mogrify?

    The tool mogrify is quite interesting wherever you look, as it has specialized features in the treatment of images, which allow us to perform on an image process of resizing, blurring, cutting, darkening, drawing, flipping, joining, converting between others

    The mogrify tool takes the original image and according to the function parameter that we indicate overwrites the image with one with the expected result, all this in a very fast and transparent way for the user.

    This tool is available in the ImageMagick software suite that allows creating, editing, and composing images from the command line without the need for any graphics application.

    The official documentation of the use and features of mogrify can be found here or by executing the command from the console.mogrify -help

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    How to convert .bmp to .jpg images?

    As mentioned above, natively mogrify allows the conversion of images, one of the formats that convert from .bmp to .jpg and vice versa, this can be done both for an image and for a lot of them, in addition, with the parameter -formatwe can tell mogrify not to replace the original images but create new ones.

    For the case of massive conversion of images .jpg to .bmp it is enough to go to the directory where you can find the original images and execute the following command:

    mogrify -format jpg * .bmp

    Automatically new images will be generated with the name of the original image but with the indicated format and with the respective conversions. In the same way, you can apply this simple procedure to various image formats.

    Simple tutorial but that could solve the life of more than one.

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