How to compress folders in Windows 10 and use them regularly


    Compression has always been present on our computers, either through applications or commands in the operating system as in the moment with MS-DOS. Now we tell you how a native tool allows us to compress folders in Windows 10 very easily and above all efficiency.

    These days the main novelty around Windows 10 has been without a doubt the arrival of Fall Creators Update. The second major update of the system of this 2017 after the Creators Update of last spring. Now let’s look at an interesting trick for compressing folders in the Microsoft system.

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    So you can compress folders in Windows 10 more effectively

    There are dozens of applications that allow you to compress not only entire folders, but a file. Some of the most popular are WinZip or WinRAR, but today we stop to know a tool that is native to Windows 1st. But not all usually used for that to have than being typing commands on a console. Well, to avoid having to write anything, they have already been in charge of converting this tool to a graphical interface more simple and intuitive.

    We can download it from here. We speak of Windows Compact, a tool that will come very well especially to those who as a server we use a laptop with SSD memory. Which is not as large as traditional hard drives. What this tool does is compress the folder, until there is nothing new. But the best thing is that we can continue to use it on a regular basis, accessing it. But checking how the space it occupies in the operating system is much smaller than the original size.

    In this way, we get the folder to remain in the same place, but getting for example that the file folder of Adobe Photoshop reduces its size from 1.76GB to 866mb, or that the installation of a game goes from 11.8GB to 7.88GB, which is certainly a great reduction in weight. And what we say, always keeping the use of the folder intact. Obviously, when the folder is compressed it is normal that the process slows down a bit. But we will not notice it too much. In addition, we can configure the program so that all future files in a folder are compressed directly when copying them. So we should not worry about being manually compressed, which is certainly a great convenience.

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