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Xiaomi Mi6 will receive a version with an unusual body color


    Xiaomi Mi6 has introduced six months ago. From the beginning of the start of sales, smartphones were sold in black, blue and white colors. A little later, thanks to the site TENAA managed to find out that the company intends to expand the color palette of colors, adding a flagship of brightness and originality.

    Today, the insider said that soon we are waiting for the output of Xiaomi Mi6 in a new unusual color. On Bachelor Day, which is celebrated in China on November 11, the flagship will appear in a bold green coloring.

    The company itself did not make any statements about the release of the green version of the smartphone, so you can not be completely sure that it will be released. In the meantime, through the efforts of insiders, we can see the promo poster of a smartphone in a new color and evaluate its attractiveness.

    According to preliminary data, another distinctive feature of Xiaomi Mi6 in the green case will be a reduced to 4 GB of RAM and own 64 GB. The price tag on the device in this performance will be $ 300 and, most likely, it will be released in limited edition and will be available only in China.

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