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How to increase your iPhone battery with iOS 11

    increase iphone battery

    IOS 11 is one of the most anticipated updates on iPhone as it will change quite the way you handle the mobile. Today, we teach you a tutorial for all those who are in the beta of iOS 11 so that you can increase the battery of your iPhone in the easiest way possible.

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    The tricks for iPhone that we are going to teach you today will be useful to you to save battery and to increase the hours of use that you give us in the day today. The new update of the operating system of Apple brings us many more options in this case as we saw in all the news. So we started with the tutorial to increase the battery of any iPhone.

    ios 11

    Many times we are going to waste our money on things we do not really know they are. Therefore, IOS 11 has greatly improved how to display the management of the battery. To do this, we have to go to Settings, Battery, and there we will see all the applications that have spent battery in the last days. So we will see which apps are the ones that spend the most battery in less time, and proceed to uninstall or deactivate them.

    increase iphone battery

    To disable the iPhone always working in the background, we will simply have to go to Settings, General, Refreshment in the background. There, we will go to the only option that shows us, and we will deactivate the Wifi and data in the background. We can also choose the applications that we want to not run when they are not open.

    • Turn off the data when you are on WiFi

    That your mobile is receiving mobile data at all times and that it is trying to get the best coverage possible it spends enough battery. Therefore, iOS 11 gives us the option of when we are connected to WiFi. To do this, we have to go to Settings and Mobile Data, and there, we will give you to disconnect mobile data to not spend as much battery. We can also choose applications that we do not want the internet to take to save battery.

    • Use the new iOS 11 panel to save battery power


    increase iphone battery

    Yes, the new panel of iOS 11 is very similar to other occasions, but this gives us more options. To save battery, we will have to easily disable the WiFi when we are using data, for the same reason as the previous point, because it is looking for the best WiFi network to always connect. Also, we will have to deactivate Bluetooth and Airdrop at all times, since they are functions that we do not use at all times and end up undermining the battery.

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    Also, you should put the flashlight to a minimum. To do this, simply on the same panel, press using the 3D Touch flashlight and put it to a minimum of strength.

    • Turn off Widgets

    increase iphone battery

    These widgets are background processes that are running at all times. To deactivate them, we will have to go to the iPhone tab, below the whole, where you edit, and disable all that we do not need.

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