[GUIDE] How to unlock iPhone or iPad if you forget your security code


    In today’s tutorial, we will describe a situation where you can not log into your iPhone or iPad through the code to unlock. There is a possibility to bring the phone to factory settings, but this step will lose all data stored on the phone.

    You Can finally back up Your Computer to Google Drive

    First, it is good to back up your device to iCloud storage. Indeed so you will in the future be protected against any loss of data stored on your phone. To backup to restore your device, you must connect the device to a computer on which they are installed iTunes, and specify precisely that code that you enter into your phone/tablet. But if you forgot the code to unlock it, you’re out of luck, not only unlock your device but not renewed.

    Even so, there but there are ways to restore your device to gain access to it.unlock iphone

    Operations by using Find My iPhone

    If you sync your device with iTunes and have enabled Find My iPhone, visit the Find My iPhone and log in with your Apple ID. Then select iPhone or iPad that you want to delete and then click Delete.

    unlock iphoneunlock iphoneunlock iphone

    This step makes remote device wipe. After completing erase your device will be able to restore from a backup in iCloud, and you’ll also be able to set a new lock code.

    Operation through the deletion of the recovery mode

    If you have not turned on Find My iPhone, you will also need to restore the phone through recovery mode. First, connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer and open iTunes. Subsequently, at the same time press the Power button and Home on your device, which will restart. Hold the button still pressed even till appear when the Apple logo. Keep them until they appear recovery mode screen. iTunes will inform you that there were difficulties with your Apple device, and it is recommended that it be updated or restored. Select recover and thus makes putting the device to factory settings. You will then be able to restore your phone from a backup to iCloud unless you have activated the backup.

    The above procedures work for all Apple devices. If you have forgotten the code to your smartwatch Apple Watch, restore or delete them, you can make the application by Apple Watch on your phone or iPad. Then make a recovery from a backup, which is also located on your device.

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