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WhatsApp is already preparing to make group voice calls


    WhatsApp has improved a lot in recent years. If some time ago was one of the applications more used but less updated, now has a beta that leaves us with news virtually every week. One of the next updates will leave us with the deletion of messages, but we already have another very interesting function in the link that will arrive in a few months. These are group voice calls, something that WhatsApp is already testing and will integrate into the mobile application. WhatsApp calls have improved a lot since its launch, and the truth is that at this point you can hold a conversation with not too good coverage

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    Thanks to WhatsApp we can also make video calls, something that came later but that is already common. These also work very well, although not as much as those of other specialized services. What does not allow WhatsApp is having a voice conversation between several people, something for which we have to turn to Skype or other applications.

    WhatsApp calls will support multiple simultaneous people


    We had not seen anything new in WhatsApp calls or video calls for some time. The company has focused on erasing the messages, an option that will arrive in the coming weeks officially. Now WABetaInfo informs us of a new function directly related to the application’s voice calls.

    According to this information, we can know that WhatsApp is already working on group voice calls. Do not confuse them with group video calls, something that we do not know if it will arrive in the future. In what is being focused the proprietary application of Facebook is that several people can make a call and talk to each other. Surely you’ve ever needed something like that and you’ve turned to a group of WhatsApp and voice notes. 


    At the moment this feature is not even in the beta phase since WhatsApp has other priorities. It will not be something we see in the coming weeks, but possibly yes before the end of the first quarter of 2018. It is a very interesting function, but that entails extra work for the company. Surely within a while, we begin to see captures of the new interface and how to add announcers to the call.

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