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5 keys to buy clothes in Wish

    wish shopping clothes
    wish shopping clothes

    Are you one of those who looks for offers in the networks as if there were no tomorrow? In the age of the Internet, things are not as they used to be. And we can get many items for a much lower price than traditional stores. We have outlets, special price weeks and promotions of all kinds. You just have to know how to be at the right time and place.

    Wish is one of those applications that can help you get items at a better price. Today we want to give you some keys to buy clothes in Wish. If you want to renovate your wardrobe and want to do it at a good price, we recommend you take a look. Surely you take advantage.

    Registering in Wish is very easy. To start, download the application for iOS or Android. If you do not want to enter your personal information, you can easily log in to Google or Facebook. Then you can choose a welcome gift valued at a maximum of 9 euros. After this phase, you can make purchases. It’s like going on sale, but without setting foot in the store.

    5 keys to buy clothes in Wish

    1. E, it’s not brand clothing

    It’s as if you went to the market, but from the mobile. Here you will not find brands. In fact, you will see that there are skirts for 4 euros or pants for 6 euros. You can even find sunglasses and bags for just 1 euro. As you can imagine, you will not find any known firm – not even the big chains of cheap clothes – selling here.

    You must be clear, then, that the clothes that you will take home can be of low quality. Although it is not necessary to spend 200 euros on a T-shirt, it seems obvious that a two-euro piece of clothing that you can not afford to have. If this does not matter to you in the least, you will see that Wish is a kind of paradise for bargains.

    5 keys to buy clothes in Wish

    2. Size issue

    We have already indicated that Wish does not sell brands. So it’s complicated to have a rough idea of how the sizes are. In principle, the sizing system is the traditional one, but you already know that each manufacturer makes the clothes in a particular way.

    Later you will see that it is still not possible to make size changes, so it is important to choose well. In many articles, you will have the valuation of other people who have also bought them. Your qualifications will let you know if the size is adjusted if it is large or small.

    5 keys to buy clothes in Wish

    3. And the returns?

    One of the issues that most often concern us when shopping online, especially when it is clothing, is that of returns. In this case, there are no major problems. Wish offers us the possibility of returning a product up to 30 days after receiving the purchase.

    In order to organize the return, yes, it will be necessary to contact the customer support team of Wish from the application itself. You can do it by accessing Assistance Service> My order> Reason for return. Just keep in mind that Wish does not cover shipping costs, so they will not be returned to you.

    The changes are not guaranteed. If you want the same item, but in a different size, you will have to return the first item. And then buy a second.

    5 keys to buy clothes in Wish

    4. Faster deliveries

    Deliveries are not as fleeting as they can be with branded stores or services like Amazon. Despite that, there are certain offers that include the icon of an orange van. These are items that can arrive, at the latest, within a period of 5 or 10 days.

    This means that the rest of the products can get a lot more to arrive. For this reason, we recommend you be very attentive to the delivery times in each of the items you are going to buy. Most can take two to four weeks, so it’s important to keep it in mind. If the bargain is worth it, maybe you can wait.

    5 keys to buy clothes in Wish

    5. Special promotions

    You will receive points for registering. And also for making purchases. With the points, you can obtain discount vouchers that you can use for the following purchases. If you also recommend the application to a friend (entering your email address) you can get up to 50% off on your next order.

    In addition, all items are discounted. You may even be able to get skirts for 4 euros. Or with sunglasses for only 1 euro. If you go in search of bargains, regardless of the quality of the clothes or accessories, Wish can come to you with pearls. 

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