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How to post Instagram Stories over 24 hours


    We tell you that it was one of the options that Instagram was considering. And it has arrived. We talked about the possibility of publishing Instagram Stories for more than 24 hours. Although in principle the Stories of Instagram is designed for immediacy, those responsible for the social network of the photos have thought that it would not be wrong to give users the opportunity to rescue photos and videos captured more than 24 hours ago.

    But there are, surely, other reasons that have tipped the balance. And what Instagram wants is to upload content, no matter when you made the snapshots or when you recorded the videos.

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    So, from now on, when you sign in to Instagram and want to use Instagram Stories, you’ll have the option to rescue all the content you have saved in your gallery. So far, what appeared on the reel were the catches made in the last 24 hours. Then you can upload whatever you want. Time will no longer be a problem.

    Instagram Stories

    Instagram Stories of more than 24 hours already work

    Well, in this sense, you will not have the slightest problem. Because the fact that they are photographs or videos of more than 24 hours will not change the procedure in any case. Of course, to start testing this option from now, you have to make sure that your Instagram application for Android is up to date. To do this, do the following:

    1. Go to the Google Play Store and go to the My apps and games section.

    2. When you’re inside, look for the Instagram application. It sure appears in this list, with an update pending to install.

    3. If you already have it, click on Update. Wait a few minutes for the package to download and update the application. In a few seconds, you can access Instagram completely updated. Let’s now go for the Instagram Stories of more than 24 hours!

    Instagram Stories

    How Instagram Stories are published over 24 hours

    If you have already updated the application, you only have to access Instagram to start publishing Instagram Stories over 24 hours. It’s as easy as you have done so far. Only you will have more captures to choose from.

    1. Open the Instagram application. At the top, next to the stories above and the bubbles of the people you follow, you will find your own bubble. This shows your profile picture and a plus sign. Click here to create your Story.

    2. Next, the front camera will activate. And what will appear on the screen will be your face. But we do not want to make any capture. We look for the images of your mobile that have more than 24 hours. To do this, click on the icon that will take you to the gallery. It is located in the lower left part of the screen.

    3. Now you will have the opportunity to dive, first for the photos and videos that you have made in the last 24 hours. In fact, at the top of the gallery, while you move through it, you’ll see the Last 24 hours sign.

    4. Then you will have access to all the images in the gallery. Including the ones you did not do yesterday. To incorporate it into your Stories, it will only be necessary to click on it . And then do all the touch-ups you need.

    5. The first thing that Instagram will propose is that you add the actual date in which that capture was taken. So that it is recorded that it is not a photo made in the last 24 hours.

    6. But if you want to cheat  your audience, you will have it very easy. Simply delete the date by dragging it without releasing it to the trash you have below.

    7. When you have finished editing, click on the Send to button.

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