If you had an iPhone and you have decided that the Samsung Galaxy S8, the OnePlus 5 or any other flagship presented this year is a better option … If you had an iPhone and you have switched to Android because you could not resist, you may want to continue using your icloud account On your new Android phone and it is possible to do so.

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For whatever reason, you have gone from iPhone or iPad to Android and want to continue using your icloud account to keep your email account.It’s simple though it will cost you some time it will be worth it.

How to have an iCloud account on Android

You will have to go to the phone settings and look for the “accounts” section. In that section, click on ” add an account “. Going to add a new account will allow you different ways. You can click on Gmail and Gmail will automatically recognize the iCloud address and import all the settings from the server.

iCloud Account Android

If you click on an application other than Gmail you will have to configure it manually:

Incoming mail server: on the server name and “imap.mail.me.com”, click “yes” on the required SSL and add 993 on the port. In the configuration will have to add the part of the name of the email icloud (before the at sign) and the password of the iCloud email.

Outgoing mail server: in the name of the server will have to add “stmp.mail.me.com”, mark as required the SSL and add 587 to the port. Press “yes” where it says SMTP requires authentication and fill in the username and password. In the user will have to put the full email address (including the part of @ icloud.com) and the password, the password of the service.

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Once configured manually you will have to click on next to finish the process and be able to access iCloud from your Android phone or tablet.

iCloud Account Android

By filling in the entire process as indicated, the iCloud account will work in the Android phone’s email and all messages will reach the new mobile without any problem.