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Facebook will bring Instant Publishers’ third-party articles to your site!


    Facebook has decided to start testing a system to aggregate one or more verified daily news so that more users can stay on their portal.

    It is clear how many users can be linked to the domain and its various declarations related to the country of affiliation, plus revenue increases.

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    It goes without saying that the most popular social network in the world is considering increasing this “value” more and making it a section with reading the news of the day (maybe even free for the users who will take part in the first tests and are informed). Why would you then go to the advertiser’s site or the reference journal? Very few!

    That is why a statement states that from the second half of November we will begin to test special spaces – easily accessible – within the same site, which will illustrate the Instant Articles in collaboration with 10 important and well-known publishers in both USA and Europe.

    We are also aware of which header is in touch with Facebook to launch this test in Europe and executives say it will soon be available directly on Android app.

    Instant Publishers

    Some names: The Economist (USA), La Repubblica (Italy), Le Parisien (France), The Washington Post (USA), Spiegel (Germany), etc!

    The operation (fully active once the tests are completed) is very simple and will be divided into phases:

    When a Facebook registered user encounters a content created by a publisher using the Instant Articles section, a paywall will appear (a wall beyond which to pay the next step) and you will have to decide whether to pay to view that and all other content on Facebook from the same publisher.

    Warning:  Who is already paying a subscription to the site of the same publisher who will post articles on Facebook, will NOT have to pay any subscription. Just (and we would miss) what we have already subscribed to in the past.

    The statement then ends with future considerations, ergo, users prefer to read content and Instant Articles that load quickly and are easily accessible.

    Facebook wants – once the first trance of the test ends – to collaborate more and more with other headings (even more specific and with particular Focus) in order to work in sync with them and increase revenues from third parties but also obviously own revenues.

    We will report you soon the test results!

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