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Microsoft explains why Windows 10 FCU is released progressively


    The company has published an article explaining the reasons that prompted the company to make a “gradual” and non-instant roll-out of its new update for Windows 10

    For a few days, Microsoft has released Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, an update that includes some peculiar novelties: the Fluent Design System on several user interfaces and native apps, OneDrive Files On Demand, an anti-cheat system, and much more. In recent months, the company has also published an article explaining the reasons for choosing a gradual roll-out, and not extending it immediately to all users.

    Initially, only the devices that the company head internally, or Insider users, receive major updates such as FCU, and this is to get specific feedback especially regarding compatibility with third-party applications and devices. Their views on new or possible additions to the operating system are screened to find out how to improve the user experience and how to remove any flaws or issues discovered.

    By guaranteeing a progressive distribution, and not extended to everyone at all, Microsoft assures “a high-quality upgrade experience” for the highest number of users, says the same company.

    The keystone of each Windows 10 update remains the highest security, with FCU being defined as the “safest version” of the SO. The company reads the post, optimized the code to reduce the download size and all subsequent feature updates: who updates from the Creators Update through Windows Update will have to download a 25% lower package in size than the previous one’s updates.

    There is still to be said that the Windows 10 FCU upgrade did not come without any problems, with some users who were greeted at the first start by the lack of some previously installed applications. The roll-out progressively, the company said, also used to this, or to make it possible for technicians to solve the problems encountered by the first group of users before release on a larger scale and before reaching the masses.

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