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Oculus Go Launched: Facebook’s Affordable Virtual Reality Eyewear


    Oculus Go is “accessible” virtual reality glasses: everything is in the glasses and only costs $ 199.

    The virtual reality is an exciting field, without a doubt. A simple glasses of virtual reality can take us to other worlds without moving from our house, show us video games or make us live experiences. They are called to dominate the future, along with other technologies such as augmented reality. And it all started with companies like Oculus.

    The bad thing is that virtual reality is not affordable to this day. We can use phones, but they do not provide an experience as good as computers. But glasses connected to the computer are too expensive. And above we are limited to being near the computer to work. Something that Oculus wants to solve in order to reach more and more users.

    Oculus Go, cheap virtual reality glasses

    The solution Oculus has presented to this problem is called Oculus Go. They are virtual reality But are not connected to a computer. They are able to function by themselves, without connections to computer or mobile. And best of all, they will not be expensive, in line with the desire to be accessible.

    Unfortunately, Oculus has not commented too much on how the device will be. In Oculus they call it “Standalone VR”, the intermediate point between mobiles and computers, and focus on that accessibility. It will have a unique handle for the right hand, in the style of the Samsung Gear VR.

    The lenses are also new, a “new generation” with significant improvements, and come with a 2560 x 1440 resolution LCD screen. It even comes with two small speakers on the strap to make unnecessary headphones. All content compatible with Gear VR is compatible with Oculus Go, in addition to having integration with Unity and Unreal Engine.

    Mark Zuckerberg, at the Oculus event, has stated that the glasses will only cost $ 199. They will start selling at the beginning of next year at this price. Development kits will be released in November for developers.

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