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Google Tez Payment App-Made For India

    Google Tez Payment App
    Google Tez Payment App

    We all generally use digital payments, So here Google has also joined this market and launched his new App Tez. In this article we are going to talk about this App.

    This app is available for both android and ios devices in android for kitkat or above os and in ios for 8.2 or above os devices. you can install it from Play store or App store .After installing this app you don’t need any specialized hardware on your Smartphone.It can run on any Standard Smartphone.

    Google Pay
    Google Pay
    Developer: Google LLC
    Price: To be announced

    The only thing you need is an internet connection a basic Smartphone a Bank account and phone number linked with it. After the App is setup then you will be authenticated to use your account through this Tez App.

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    The Core used here is UPI based and for Security you can use your phone’s lock or you can create your Google pin after authentication of your Google pin you can login on this Tez App.After this you can send or receive money. This App don’t have any wallet so all transaction will be done Account to Account.


    Google has specially launched this App for India because we can see that the rate of digital payments are not increasing as accepted so may this app be able to increase this rate. This app also has a very interesting feature which is Cash mode. By which without sharing your account information you can simply transfer the money.

    Cash Mode

    Here Google make use of Audio QR Technology by which your phone will emit ultrasonic frequency waves through which the nearby devices can communicate with the help of mike and speaker after that by cash mode you can directly make the payments.

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    Suppose you have to pay a Shopkeeper or for taxi so with the help of cash mode you can easily do the payments without sharing your details with them. You will also get many interesting offer like. If you invite your friends or on every transaction you will get a scratch card. And every week one lucky user gets a chance to win prize worth Rs. 1 lakh .


    This app also does not apply any transaction charge. If the other person is not a Tez user then also you can pay using your UPI Id. You can also do all your traditional transition through this Tez app.

     Download Here For ios

    Another interesting thing about this app is for every transaction it creates a history in the form of chat. It also provides multi language support. Many business can also come to Tez App where they can directly communicate with there customer. So these are the complete details about google’s new App Tez.

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