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How to improve the sound of any Android (with and without root)


    Although miracles cannot be done, the chip that controls the sound of our terminal is what it is and its speakers are what they are, there are different applications and modules that we can use, for those who like to have a better experience when it comes to Play music or watch – and hear – the videos better.

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    If you want to try all the solutions that we propose, although some do not need it, you have to have the root made in your terminal. The good news is that it is really easy to get these days and you can find both general methods and guides of some specific terminals in our section of tutorials to achieve it. In the same way, we also advise you to fine-tune the Xposed Installer, to install some of the modules that we will propose. Here we leave you links for both tasks:

    Noozxoide EIZO-Rewire PRO (without ROOT)

    This application can be used by anyone, without the need for root. It has three sections, one for audio output, one for the speakers and another for wireless connections. We can regulate and equalize the sound differently in each of them to achieve the best result in each situation. You do not need to uninstall it to make it stop, but it will keep its perennial notification in the terminal.

    Music Volume EQ (without ROOT)

    Music Volume EQ (without ROOT)

    This, instead of being an application, it is a Widget that will put on screen a complete control of equalization so that in real time we can improve the audio and, in addition, save the configuration of face to use it another time in the future. To deactivate its effect, just give the “power” button in the corner of the widget.

    Viper4Android (Root)

    Perhaps the best-known mod and that we have spoken on more than one occasion given that we have guides to take advantage of the Nexus 5 and the Moto G. We recommend you go through them because there you can find all the information on this great mod, It also supports many more devices.

    Audio FX (Root)


    Audio FX

    This application, formerly known as MaxxAudio, takes time in the Android universe, but due to licensing problems, it is only valid in certain manufacturers. But as always, the Android world has no boundaries, and versions are available for KitKat and Lollipop:

    To install them you have to flash the Zip through the corresponding Recovery and will add the functions MaxxBass, MaxxTreble, that is to say of improvement of low and high, as well as MaxxSpace that adds a surround effect in the headphones.

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    Dolby Atmos (Root)

    Dolby Atmos

    With this mod, also that you need the flashing from the Recovery and root in the terminal, we can have an experience similar to Viper4Android but with a much simpler and friendly interface. As in the case of Viper4Android, we have already talked about it in detail on another occasion and we refer you to this report where you will find all the details.

    Download it from this link

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