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How to Tweet 280 Characters on Twitter


    In the event that you ended up thinking about whether you’d be tweeted 280 characters after the news was declared, uplifting news, you shouldn’t be unique.

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    It was uncovered on Tuesday, September 26th that San Francisco tech organization Twitter would roll out the greatest improvement to its item since propelling in 2006.


    The online networking stage is notable for the 140 character restrict that requires its clients to think deliberately to pass on the correct message, however it has now been chosen to twofold it in the wake of taking a gander at broad information.

    The declaration affirmed that at introduce just select clients will be decided for testing, implying that for a great many people, you’ll be screwed over thanks to 140 characters for the time being. Or, on the other hand, would they say they are?

    The web is loaded with keen individuals and one client known as @Prof9 has worked out how to maintain a strategic distance from the confinement and guarantee you can Tweet 280 characters.

    1. Download Tampermonkey for your program of the decision.
    2. Visit the Github vault, tap the ‘crude’ catch, at that point advise Tampermonkey to ‘introduce’ the content.
    3. Go to, ensure the content is running in Tampermonkey, at that point Tweet 280 characters until your heart’s substance.
    NOTE: Stops working when you switch pages, invigorate to settle.

    It’s significant we’re uncertain to what extent this will last, yet additionally be rest guaranteed it’s not doing anything illicit and subsequently, you won’t discover your record prohibited on the off chance that you endeavor to utilize the workaround.

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    We’ll keep you refreshed when we discover when Twitter is rolling the refresh out no matter how you look at it so keep an on our for latest news and tips and tricks.

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