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Apple patents a watch strap that adjusts itself


    Like the ‘Back to the Future’ sneaker, whose laces fit the foot automatically, Apple has filed a patent in the US Patent and Trademark Office in which we see a strap for the Apple Watch and other devices that it adjusts itself to our hand.

    It is not intended exclusively for Apple Watch, but for all those products ‘that can be detachably attached to a user’. This is for a watch, for activity wristbands or even for sporty iPhone cases.

    Smart strap that fits on its own

    The idea is that we forget to adjust the strap (often a difficult process, especially if we talk metal belts, where we will probably have to go through jewelry), for convenience and time-saving. It also solves problems of unchanging length.

    But not only do we talk about it being uncomfortable having to be adjusting the strap ourselves, or we waste more time, but directly, it is possible that we will not be able to adjust it to perfection and that therefore the sensors of the device will not function correctly. It would also adjust ‘live’ to changes in our body, when, for example, we do sports.

    Like any other patent, we may never see this system in operation. It is not even strictly necessary for Apple to have started the development of this product. In fact, the patent was not requested now, but in 2015, only now is when it has been accepted.

    The iPhone X, for example, was introduced this year, but from Apple say they had been developing it for five years (both the infinite screen and the Face ID). Patenting or starting to investigate something does not mean that we will have it in the market instantaneously.

    Also, It is still unknown when we are going to see this Tech and get our hands on it. But although as far as I know Apple may release it next year along with iPhone series.

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