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Ask for food at home by Facebook: the latest feature of the social network


    Facebook, the quintessential social network, is more than that: it is a place to watch TV, where to buy or sell second hand ( Marketplace ), and where to do many more things for which it was originally not intended. Now, we can also order food at home .

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    Before, we could do it in some places, but unofficially. Facebook allows us to be in contact with companies, but also tells us how much it answers.


    If it is the case that the restaurant where we want to order has Facebok page, and also answers very quickly, we can ask for this route. Even some famous restaurants (especially franchises) took advantage of it to launch a bot that acted as an operator and collected the orders.

    But that is already the past, as Facebook has officially launched in the United States a function to order food stores.

    Ask for food at home, the latest from Facebook

    A large number of people already consult through Facebook and not Google Maps both the nearest places to eat and the menus of them, because not only is able to show all the local area, but also, as the establishments upload photographs of their dishes and menus, we can easily see what they have to ask for.

    Facebook has been testing this feature for the last year

    We also have a multitude of opinions available to read and a probably very large gallery of local images. And if we add that the locals also make public their phone number, we have almost the entire order process we carry out within the social network.

    Now, Facebook wants that last step, that of the contact with the store, where the purchase is formalized, is also through its platform. But in addition, we will not have to be navigating between the images of the wall of the page to find the menu, but directly Facebook list it.

    It will be enough to enter the trade page or choose one from the list of nearby stores, choose what we want to order, choose if we want to order at home or go to collect, fill in all the necessary data (which obviously will remain registered if we want) and establish a method of payment.

    To do this, it has been associated with the, DoorDash, ChowNow, Zuppler, EatStreet, Slice and Olo portals  and also, albeit directly, with locations such as Papa John’s, Wingstop, Panera, Jack in the box, TGI Friday, Denny’s, The Crazy Chicken, Chipotle, Five Guys and Jimmy John’s.

    There is no date yet for presentation in India.

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