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Firefox Quantum: The best Firefox in history


    I think that the slogan of Firefox Quantum adequately reflects what this version is, an amazing result compared to its predecessor and the appearance of a candidate to dominate the world of browsers. Firefox Quantum is now a reality and its stable version aims to become the favorite of users who bet on speed and privacy, facing the famous Google Chrome.

    A few weeks ago I tried the beta version of this excellent browser and it left a very pleasant taste in my mouth, now that I have the stable version of it, I only have words of praise because it shows the effort they have put into offering a browser that It really is fast, light and with a nice interface, where you can appreciate the attention to detail and the personal challenge of each of its developers.

    What’s new in Firefox Quantum?

    The new Firefox Quantum has a lot of improvements and new features, including the incorporation of new technologies and the restructuring of its architecture, perhaps the main feature is that its loading speed is now 2 times faster, which complements the following characteristics:

    • Incorporation of a new engine that allows Firefox to be more powerful and faster.
    • Pages now load faster and also consume less memory.
    • A minimalist design with very nice material design touches.
    • Usability improvements that allow more effective navigation.
    • Effective keyboard shortcuts, with excellent eyelash management.
    • Really private browsing that incorporates protection against crawling and blocking commands that slow down navigation.
    • Screen capture features included, with hosting in the cloud of firefox.
    • An excellent marker management that also incorporates Pocket an administrator of reading lists obtained from the Internet.
    • It allows the use of WASM and WebVR, technologies necessary for the execution of many games for browsers.
    • A large number of compatible extensions, which will increase with the passing of days.
    • It uses all the processing cores of your computer, which allows working with multiple tabs to be less traumatic and have greater performance, and these are now handled as separate processes.
    • Multiple customization possibilities.
    • A possibility of synchronizing all your devices with a single browser.
    • It allows you to choose where to look in real time.
    • Its developers say it is 30% lighter than its main competitor Chrome.
    • Free, Free and with a lot of features that you can discover.

    Firefox Quantum

    Users who wish to enjoy this great browser can simply download the stable version from the following link, for their part Debian users, Ubuntu and derivatives can use the next repository of Firefox, for it executes the following commands:

    sudo add-apt-repository ppa: mozillateam / firefox-next
    sudo apt update
    sudo apt upgrade
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