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The Google Play Services App Has Stopped, How Can I Fix It?


    “The Google Play Services app has been stopped,” a message many users have received at some point on their smartphone, which will prevent us from downloading apps. How can I solve this problem? There is no single solution, but these three steps could solve it.

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    Google Play Services

    Although there is no single process to solve this problem, since it could be generated by the software of the smartphone, such as RAM memory savers, for example, the following procedure should be used to solve it, or at least, to locate what is Which is causing the problem. They follow the following procedure:

    1.- Erase data and cache of Google Play Services: To do this, go to Settings, then to Applications, and then select the tab where you see all the apps on your smartphone, not just the ones you have downloaded And installed. Here you find Google Play Services and then look for the Clear Data option. And then look for the Clear Cache option. They are two different options.

    2.- Erase data and cache of the Google Play Store: Again, you have to go to Settings, Applications and see all the apps on your mobile. Now select Clear Data, and then select Clear Cache.

    With these two steps, the problem should have been solved. Restart your smartphone and confirm that Google Play Services does not stop.

    google play services


    It has not worked, what can I do?

    If this does not solve the problem, try the following.

    Repeat steps 1 and 2 and uninstalls updates: If the above did not work, repeat the process again, but in each of the steps, before moving on to the next, uninstall the updates that have been installed for each one of them. These apps. The Uninstall Updates button is in the same place as Delete Data and Delete Cache, although at the beginning of the window. Uninstall updates for both Google Play Services and Google Play Store.

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    Finally, it erases data and cache Google Play Services Framework. Again, go to Settings, Applications, and in all apps on your mobile, locate Google Play Services Framework, to clear the data and cache. Finally, restart your smartphone. When you turn it on, in a few seconds, some of the Google services that are activated should tell you that you need to update the Google Play Services. When updates have been made, you should no longer stop Google Play Services.

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