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Google will give you the chance to try apps for Android before buying


    Google has officially launched the Android Instant App for a few months and comes to the confirmation of the opportunity to see them in the Play Store as well.

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    At the moment, it was a series of apps that can be recalled directly from the Android search bar, allowing them to be launched quickly and utilized. They have had a good success and the idea liked relatively to most users of the Google operating system.

    In this regard, the network is now coming to the notice that Google is also implementing this feature within the Google Play Store, the market available on all smartphones with the Android operating system from which to download their apps.

    All this would be a great innovation for the company and its market: the ability to test applications.

    Although Windows Mobile 10 is definitely dead, to date one of the features that has always been appreciated by Microsoft’s mobile store, albeit a scumbag of alternatives, was just a chance to test the software for a limited time before buying it. So one could make a basic idea of the application, see if it really was his case and only after deciding whether to buy it or not.

    Similarly, Google has always given this sort of chance through its repayment policies. In essence, you have to buy the application immediately, test it and within a very short time (about 15 minutes) you have the option of asking for the refund by making the amount you want to be reversed.

    With this new feature, you understand how this technique is practically useless, as from now on I can try, of course, the application in its entirety and then decide whether or not to make the purchase. In addition, it would also be a bit to limit that part of piracy that unfortunately on Android still exists and that it penalizes many corrupt developers in their daily work.

    We look forward to the definitive release in India for one of the functions that, in my opinion, all companies should ensure within their application stores (including Apple).

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