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How to create threads on Twitter with all your messages on Android


    The threads of Twitter have always been a good formula to know an opinion, a story or review everything that has happened regarding an original publication. The only problem is that to create this type of threads from the mobile, you had to follow a series of tedious steps.

    Citing oneself or responding to a tweet or message is not comfortable. That’s why, although, after a long time, Twitter has improved this experience in its mobile applications.

    Here we tell you to step by step how to create one of these new Twitter threads. It’s easier than ever thanks to the latest update of your application. At the moment it is reaching a part of the users, but soon you will be able to follow this tutorial at your fingertips. This is how threads are created from now on in official Twitter applications.

    First step

    First of all, update the Twitter application. At the moment only the most advanced versions have the function of creating threads. Therefore, make sure to go through Google Play in the case of Android, or through the App Store, if you have an iPhone, to download the latest version.

    Then, you only have to press the tweeting button in the usual way. This is where the changes come. Right next to the tweet button, with which to publish the written message, now a new button with the symbol “+” appears. This is the function that interests us.

    Linking tweets

    The only thing that needs to be done is to take advantage of the ability of Twitter characters to write our thesis, history or idea. The positive part is that, if the 280 total characters that can now be written are not enough, just click on the + icon to add a new message to the thread. As simple as that.

    threads on Twitter

    In this way, we have a much wider extension to develop the idea. Texts that no longer have to be enunciative or excessively summarized. Simply write everything you want, pressing the + button every time we run out of space.

    The good news is that all these tweets are linked. So, when any follower or Twitter user views our profile or sees any of these messages, you can follow the whole thread. From the beginning to the end. And all this saving us the tedium of having to respond to our own tweets, without cutting the writing process, without errors and without missing messages. All written in mass and published in an orderly manner.

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