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How To Turn On UBOTIE Keyboard

    How To Turn On UBOTIE Keyboard
    How To Turn On UBOTIE Keyboard

    How to turn on Ubotie keyboard

    How to turn on Ubotie keyboard – Are you the proud owner of a Ubotie keyboard? Are you eager to connect it to your iPad? Then you’ve come to the right place!

    In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of turning on your Ubotie keyboard and establishing a connection with your iPad.

    Some time ago, I was casually scrolling through my Instagram feed when I stumbled upon some intriguing Google Pixel ads.

    As a team that frequently uses Google Pixel devices here at Sypnotix, one particular photo caught my attention.

    It showcased a vibrant keyboard in the background, boasting stylish keycaps and a modern design.

    After a quick Google search and a few clicks on Amazon later, the UBOTIE 100 Key Rainbow Keyboard arrived at my doorstep.

    The Ubotie keyboard is a compact Bluetooth keyboard that draws inspiration from classic typewriters, giving it a unique retro vibe.

    Available in various colours, it allows you to make a statement at the office or among your friends.

    With its 84-key design, it’s incredibly portable, fitting snugly in your luggage, making it perfect for working at coffee shops or wherever you desire.

    What’s more, this versatile keyboard can be connected to a wide range of devices, including your iPad, iPhone, PC, Laptop, Mac, or even your Android devices.

    And if you happen to own a MacBook Air, fret not! We’ll briefly touch on connecting the Ubotie keyboard to your Macbook Air as well.

    So, Below we will discuss how to turn on Ubotie keyboard step by step with these points.

    how to connect ubotie keyboard

    how to connect Ubotie keyboard

    • Connectivity of Ubotie Bluetooth keyboard
    • How to connect Ubotie keyboard to iPad in two methods
    • Connect iPad using Bluetooth
    • Connect iPad using Bluetooth receiver
    • Why is the UBOTIE keyboard not connecting?
    • Is the Ubotie keyboard compatible with your iPad?
    • Conclusion

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    Connectivity of Ubotie Bluetooth keyboard

    Prepare yourself for the wonders of the UBOTIE Rainbow Keyboard!

    This remarkable device operates on two AAA batteries and effortlessly connects to up to three devices using Bluetooth 5.1.

    According to UBOTIE, it can establish a connection up to 33 feet away (though, let’s be practical, who needs it that far?).

    Surprisingly, the keyboard’s connectivity exceeded my expectations, proving to be incredibly simple and hassle-free.

    Ubotie keyboard

    Ubotie keyboard

    As someone who seamlessly transitions between my trusty MacBook Pro for work and my personal MacBook Air, I find solace in the convenience of the UBOTIE keyboard.

    With the press of the Bluetooth button corresponding to the desired device, the pairing process is nearly instant and flawlessly smooth.

    In the past, I’ve encountered various challenges when switching between devices with other Bluetooth keyboards.

    But the UBOTIE keyboard has pleasantly surprised me by eliminating any such troubles.

    To further enhance usability, a convenient blue light indicator above the Bluetooth keys signifies the device with which the keyboard is currently paired.

    To optimize battery usage, the UBOTIE keyboard intelligently enters sleep mode after approximately 15 minutes of inactivity.

    Fear not, for it springs back to life with a few swift keystrokes.

    Having used this keyboard daily for several months now, I can confidently declare that it has demonstrated flawless battery performance and unwavering connectivity.

    The UBOTIE keyboard is a true gem in the realm of wireless typing.

    With its effortless connectivity, reliable battery management, and sleek design, it continues to elevate my typing experience without fail.

    How to connect Ubotie keyboard to iPad in two methods

    You can associate the Ubotie console with the iPad in two ways.

    Here we tell you the best way to associate the Ubotie console with your iPad in two ways. The techniques are:

    1. Connect a keyboard to iPad using Bluetooth
    2. Connect Ubotie keyboard to iPad using Bluetooth receiver

    Connecting IPad Using Bluetooth

    To connect the Ubotie keyboard to your iPad using Bluetooth pairing, follow the unique steps outlined below:

    1. Activate Bluetooth on your iPad: Start by enabling Bluetooth on your iPad. Open the Settings app, locate and tap on “Bluetooth.”

    Toggle the switch to turn it on.

    Keep an eye out for the Bluetooth icon in the status bar at the top of your screen, indicating that Bluetooth is active.

    2. Prepare the Ubotie keyboard: Install the batteries in your Ubotie keyboard according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

    Once the batteries are in place, press and hold the “Fn” and “C” keys at once until you observe the indicator LED lighting up on the keyboard.

    3. Discover the Ubotie keyboard: On your iPad, navigate to the Bluetooth settings.

    Tap on “Search Device” or “Discover Devices” to initiate the search for nearby Bluetooth devices.

    The Ubotie keyboard should appear on the list of available devices as “UBOTIE.”

    4. Pair and connect the Ubotie keyboard: Locate the “UBOTIE” entry on your iPad’s Bluetooth device list and tap on it to begin the pairing process.

    Follow any on-screen instructions that may prompt you to enter a PIN or passkey, if required.

    Once the pairing is successful, the Ubotie keyboard will be connected to your iPad.

    Now you can enjoy using the Ubotie keyboard with your iPad wirelessly, allowing for a convenient and efficient typing experience.

    It’s important to note that the specific steps for connecting Bluetooth devices may vary depending on your iPad model and the version of iOS or iPadOS you are using.

    The instructions provided here are tailored for connecting the Ubotie keyboard, but they can serve as a general guide for connecting other Bluetooth accessories to your iPad as well.

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    Connect iPad using Bluetooth receiver

    Encountering issues while attempting to connect your Ubotie keyboard to your iPad?

    No need to fret! If you’re facing obstacles with Bluetooth connectivity or your iPad lacks Bluetooth capabilities, fret not.

    I’ve curated a unique solution for you—follow the steps below to connect your Ubotie keyboard using a Bluetooth receiver:

    •  Procure a Bluetooth receiver and a USB adapter that are compatible with your iPad.
    •  Connect the USB adapter to your iPad, and affix the Bluetooth receiver to the adapter.
    •  Access the Settings on your iPad, navigate to the Bluetooth menu, and activate the Bluetooth connection for the receiver.
    •  Place batteries into the Ubotie keyboard, and press and hold the “Fn” (or Function) and “C” keys until the LED indicator flash.
    •  Open your iPad’s Bluetooth settings, initiate a device search, and locate the “UBOTIE” entry displayed on the screen.
    •  Tap on “UBOTIE” to start a pairing connection with your Ubotie keyboard.

    By following these unique steps, you will create a connection between your Ubotie Bluetooth keyboard and your iPad through the Bluetooth receiver.

    Why Is The UBOTIE Keyboard Not Connecting?

    The UBOTIE keyboard may not be connecting due to reasons such as incorrect Bluetooth pairing, compatibility issues, distance, low battery, outdated software, device-specific settings, or a need for a keyboard reset.

    Check the pairing process, ensure compatibility, move closer to the device, check battery levels, update software, adjust device settings, or try resetting the keyboard.

    If the issue continues then contact UBOTIE customer support is recommended.

    Is the Ubotie keyboard compatible with your iPad?

    ubotie keyboard setup

    ubotie keyboard setup

    Yes, The Ubotie Bluetooth Keyboard is indeed compatible with various iPad models that have Bluetooth connectivity.

    Additionally, it is designed to work with other devices such as Samsung tablets, MacBook Air, iPhones, PCs, Huawei phones, and more.

    Its wide compatibility allows for flexible usage across multiple devices.


    I’m glad you’ve learned how to turn on your Ubotie keyboard! Sharing knowledge is a fantastic way to help others.

    So if you found this article helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends.

    If you have any further questions or need additional assistance, feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.

    We’re here to provide support and ensure you have a great experience with your Ubotie keyboard. Let’s spread the word and help others enjoy the benefits too!

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