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How to Modify the Start Animation of Your Phone With Cyanogenmod


    After stopping the last update of CyanogenMod on the OnePlus One and the small crash with the reboot and “Ok OnePlus” sure that users of this growing variant of Android still have time to tinker with your terminals. Today we bring you a simple tutorial that will allow you to change the start animation to another that you like more and even created by you.

    As you know, the home animations are usually simple image files that are available to everyone and can be accessed, as the case may be, in a simple way. In this case, we are going to explain how you can modify this startup animation if your phone runs under CyanogenMod.

    Attached with this tutorial an animation ready to appear in the beginning of your phones, here are the steps to follow to change it.

    start animation

    1. We need a rooted phone to be able to modify the start animation.
    2. Copy the .zip file to your phone’s SD card.
    3. Use a root file browser such as CM File Browser or another similar to copy the file.
    4. Copy the .zip file to the system/media folder.
    5. Grant the necessary permissions to modify the animation.Restart the phone and you will see how the new animation appears with the CyanogenMod boot.

    start animation

    The image chosen for this tutorial has a resolution of 1080 × 1920 pixels. To add any other animated background, even made by you, the operation is just as simple. As you can see, the image file with the new animation is a.Gif, which means that from any editor of this type of images you can create your own animation and thus further customize the start of your phone. So depending on the resolution that gives the start of your phone, you can adapt the the.Gif image to other resolutions while maintaining the highest quality. As you know, with the a.Gif editor we can create animated images that will give a new and fresh look at the start of our phone with CyanogenMod.

    Repository with start animations for CyanogenMod

    Source: XDA Developers
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