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The possible design of the Xiaomi Mi6c appears in an image


    The launch of the Xiaomi Mi6 brought the first rumors about possible variants that could count on the new flagship of the firm. One of the most talked about has been the one we just saw today, with the possible design of the Xiaomi Mi6c in a filtered image.

    Already last May we knew some of the possible features of the Xiaomi Mi6c , a model that is undoubtedly being asked to pray, and we are still waiting when eight months have passed since the launch of the original Xiaomi Mi6.

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    The design of the Xiaomi Mi6c in a new image

    So far we have heard some information from the Xiaomi Mi6c, but we have not seen any aspects of its exterior design. It is for this reason that it is quite interesting to see an image that shows the possible design of the Xiaomi Mi6c. Well, in this filtered image, which as always has to be taken with great caution, because there is something that does not fit, it shows the supposed Xiaomi Mi6c of golden color, one of the most popular tones in which the terminals of Xiaomi.

    xiaomi mi6c

    Recall that its predecessor, the Xiaomi Mi5c, released the first genuine Xiaomi processor, the Surge S1. As this filtered image shows the Xiaomi Mi6c with an interesting dual camera as the most interesting feature of the terminal. Because otherwise the design is in fact very similar to the Xiaomi Mi5c, in any case draws a little attention the appearance of the dual camera, which has a somewhat peculiar size, with lenses a little smaller than habitual, which may make us think that the image may have been retouched and therefore doubt its veracity.

    An eye-catching detail speaking of Xiaomi and mid-range is that the fingerprint reader is physical and is located on the front of the terminal, and not behind and below the camera with its usual round shape. From what little we know, the Xiaomi Mi6c would have a processor Snapdragon 660, the most powerful in the mid-range of Qualcomm, as well as a 5.1-inch Full HD screen, so it would be one of the motives of Xiaomi’s most powerful mid-range. As you can imagine, for now, the date of presentation of this Xiaomi Mi6c is a complete unknown.

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