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The share of OLED displays will grow 4 times up to 2022


    OLED panels are becoming more common and their share will only grow. According to a new report from the research company IHS Markit in the next five years. The production of such displays will grow more than fourfold. This year, the area of all produced OLED displays will be 11.9 million m², and by 2022 this figure will be equal to 50.1 million m².

    The leaders of this market are predicted to be South Korean companies Samsung and LG, whose share in 2022 will be 71%. It is curious that at the moment they occupy 93% of the market, but later they will have to retreat under the pressure of Chinese companies. Thus, IHS Markit experts forecast that in the five years to 2022, such manufacturers as ChinaStar, BOE, TIANMA, Royale, Visionox, and EverDisplay will be able to increase their presence in the market to 26% by 5%, which now falls on their products. The main consumers of Chinese OLED-panels will be such companies as Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, ZTE, Oppo, and Vivo. The South Korean giant Samsung will use the lion’s share of its displays for its own needs and supply Apple.

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