Top 10 Most Anticipated Games coming in 2017

    Top 10 Most Anticipated Games

    In today’s top 10 list, we are going to review the most anticipated games to come in the rest of 2017. For this list we will not include games that have already came out this year. In addition, we will only include games that have confirmed release dates. Read this review and have an enjoyable gaming year.

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    Top 10 Most Anticipated Games

    10. South Park: the Fractured but Whole

    On 17th October 2017, the world will be treated to one of the most thrilling video games yet! Enter the hidden South Park where Coon and Friends form a formidable army of crime fighters. Evil forces in this world will find it hard to survive the ravaging danger posed by Coon’s allies (Toolshed, Mint Berry Crunch, Mysterion and Human Kite). Just as the name of the game suggests, it is a product of South Park Digital Studios where they collaborate with Ubisoft. It will release in PC, Xbox One and PlayStation. If you loved South Park: The Stick of Truth, make a preorder and enjoy thrilling gaming in 2017.

    9. Arms

    Very few people know what the acronym ARMS in this game will stand for. However, the game’s announcement trailer suggests that the main characters will have extremely large and powerful arms! Your selected fighter will boast of highly weaponised limbs that can shoot 10 feet ahead and a few feet sideways. Every match presents its own share of challenges, which you must unlock underneath its surface. Therefore do not expect this game to be your ordinary punch-blocker-counter punch affair. Learn the game fast and block potentially lethal punches with your own quick reflexes. If you miss your target, you are more exposed to enemy counter-retaliation.

    8. Call of Duty W2

    It has already been confirmed that Call of Duty W2 will simulate the events of World War 2. Developed by Activision’s Sledgehammer Games, the platform’s promotional content appears to have clothing and weaponry from the famous 20th-century war. This should be a welcome relief because most of the past Call of Duty games are set in outer space. The same is also true for the top 10 most anticipated games coming in 2017. It should be remembered that EA’s Battlefield 1 that was released last year had a World War 1 theme. Judging from Battlefield’s warm reception by gamers, Call of Duty will be a stroke of genius.

    7. Super Mario Odyssey

    During a recent live stream presentation on Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Odyssey was one of the most heavily discussed topics. For this reason, scores of gamers have expressed anticipation of the game, slated for release later in the year. It boasts of levels that are simulated in real life places. Examples are New York City aptly named New Donk City in the game. Its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto throws in exciting techniques such as seam grabbing and wall jumping. In an interesting break from the past, Mario has the ability to use his cap as a spring, effectively cross long gaps and reach higher places.

    6. God of War

    This is perhaps 2017’s best 3rd person action-thriller video game because it is the 8th installment of the ever popular God of War series of games in terms of release chronology. You could easily call it God of War IV because it is a sequel of God of War III released back in 2010. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is developing this game for both the PS4 and PC consoles. Unlike in all other past games that were set in the Greek mythology, prepare to enter the world of mythology here. The old protagonist Kratos returns, this time as a protector, mentor and father. He boasts of new weaponry after his legendary defense was destroyed in the previous game.

    5. Yooka-Laylee

    In the past two decades or so, 3D platform games have easily been a favorite genre for most gamers. If you are one of them, here is a pleasant reminder. While the characters (Yooka and Laylee) are funny and full of life, the game itself is set in a colorful eatmosphere to keep you grinning throughout. You will start on a basic maze that helps you navigate more complex game stages. Developer Playtonic is the brains behind the 64-bit 3D platform that follows a careful yet much-loved formula. Play it with three friends simultaneously and enjoy unlocking invisible objects while maneuvering a flight or a double jump.

    4. Fire Emblem Warriors

    Slated for release in December 2017, the Fire Emblem Warriors promises more action and counteraction than we have seen in the recent past. Having been developed by the same guys who brought you Hyrule Warriors, you can rest assured of unlimited fun. The game will be launched on both New Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch systems. It will feature a New Nintendo 3DS and an inaugural New Nintendo 3DS XL. The only drawback is the fact that Fire Emblem Warriors is incompatible with your old 3DS. Make your preorders on one of the online stores to secure your game in advance.

    3. Battlefront 2

    Just as the name suggests, this is the second part of the Battlefront series of games. It boasts of a better and bigger world than its predecessor’s. A report doing rounds in the gaming world suggests that Electronics Arts (EA) plans to release a game every year from 2017. The fact that its IP licenses are highly lucrative makes this ambition achievable. Just like its predecessor films, Star Wars, the new game is set on a familiar content. To deviate slightly from the past, the new game boasts of Mustafar planet and an exciting character named Darth Maul. EA will launch it in November on Xbox one and Playstation 4, after which gamers will be keen to follow its excitement and fun for months.

    2. Destiny 2

    When you watch the trailer to this new game, you will have no doubt that it will turn the gaming world upside down in 2017. Developers Bungie are behind this thriller game set on earth’s last safe city. It features Ghaul, a very brutal enemy who commands his forces to throw the city in tatters. All survivors are forced to retreat as the enemy strips all guardians of their powers. The fact that Ghaul boasts of a vast army aptly named Red Legion will keep your adrenaline levels high. It will be released on october 8th 2017 and is compatible with Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

    1. Red Dead Redemption 2

    Following the success of the inaugural Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar Games recently announced the 2nd part of the Red Dead Redemption series. It is important to note that Rockstar Games is the producer of the wildly popular Grand Theft Auto V. This game is the absolute epic thriller tale set in the unforgiving heartland of America. You will enjoy roaming in the large atmospheric realm that is typical with most epic games. Reviewers suggest that this game is far much better than its precursor. The fact that it boasts of a new multiplayer experience online cements this fact. You will not need a starter pack to play the action-adventure game that releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    Top 10 Most Anticipated Games

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