Top 5 most popular Android games from the Play Store


    The continuous emergence of new games in the Android application store, Play Store, makes us have to be aware of which are the most popular. Which of these mobile games manage to convince thousands of users and increase them to the highest positions in most downloaded applications.

    In addition, we like to try such games: feel that we are part of a larger community. If we do not know everyone, we think we are missing something.

    Top 5 most popular Android games

    So that does not happen, we will show you what are the 5 most popular Android games of the Play Store today, November 16. Maybe next week there will be others, but there is no doubt that they are a handful of games that are worth trying.

    All of them are free but, as we will see later, they contain micropayments that can help us in the development of it. What are, then, the 5 most popular Android games from the Play Store?

    We started with the number 5, a dizzying racing game … a bit different.


    If you like speed, electronic music of devilish rhythms and melodies and platform games, Rider is definitely your best choice. After a background of neon, which refers to films such as Tron or Drive hides a game that has become tremendously popular among Android users, to occupy the 5 best-known game.

    In Rider you drive a bright vehicle, which moves through flat stages, horizontally, making tremendous somersaults and avoiding dangerous obstacles. Its controls are simple, although it is difficult to assimilate them at the beginning: keep pressed while it is stuck to the road to accelerate, and keep pressing while it is in the air to do cartwheels.

    The more tumbles, of course, the more points you get. The difficulty is that you must make the car fall properly so that it does not explode into a thousand pieces when hitting the road.

    48 levels ranging from the easy to the extreme, for a free game but with ads. To unlock the version without ads, you must buy a package of gems: from 1 euros for 800 to 20 for 24,000.

    Download already Rider in the Android Play Store.

    In the position number 4, we have a classic of the king sport: FIFA Soccer.

    FIFA Soccer

    If you’re passionate about football, you’re sure to know the FIFA Soccer saga, one of the most popular sports games in the world, created by Electronic Arts. With FIFA Futbol, you can become a kingpin in the business of king sports by creating and managing your own team.

    You have at your disposal players from more than 550 real soccer teams. You will also be the team coach, working side by side with your players.

    When you start playing, you will receive an article from Cristiano Ronaldo completely free and you can start playing without having downloaded it completely. The matches last 90 seconds and you can participate in online leagues with players from all over the world and in world events with real prizes.

    This game is free, although to get different items you must make purchases with real money. In addition, it requires a continuous connection to the Internet, so you should be careful with the data.

    Download FIFA Soccer free in the Android app store.

    In number 3 we have a very cowboy game: Wild West: New Frontier.

    Wild West: New Frontier

    Wild West is the typical strategy game in which you will have to take care of a farm, with all the typical elements of this one. You’ll have to make your own farm from scratch and the game itself says that 10 minutes a day is enough for it to thrive.

    You can play with friends and grow your own corn and rye, as well as be raising cows, chickens, and pigs. To feed yourself, you must make your own bread in addition to building a grill. You can even prepare dishes with typical wild west recipes.

    And the money? You will get it by selling your products in the town or acting as a miner, extracting gold and silver. You can chat with your playmates, as well as enjoy 3D graphics with which you can see your farm from all possible angles. Get a unique agricultural community with this free game, but with micro-payments and advertising.

    Download Wild West: New Frontier already in the Play Store.

    In the 2nd place, we have the most irreverent characters of the current animation, South Park.

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    South Park: Phone Destroyer

    Who has never seen an episode of South Park? For all those who ask the same, yes, it is still broadcast and they are already in season number 21. Almost nothing. And we have, finally, the official game of the series, South Park: Phone Destroyer.

    A game of cards, in the style of Clash Royale, in which you will have battles in real time with other online players. Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny will be the protagonists of bloody and savage battles with unique and politically incorrect touches.

    Also, if player vs. player battles are not your thing, you have the option to play a story, created specifically for the game written in collaboration with South Park Digital Studios.

    Download free South Park: Phone Destroyer. With advertising and micropayments.

    And first of all, the most popular game currently in the Android app store …

    Parchís STAR

    The developers of video games squeeze the brain to bring the most original game, novelty, that twist that surprises the user … And in the end, he decides to download a patch and turn the classic table game into the most popular of the entire Play Store.

    Two game modes: 2 and 4 players. One of the great incentives is that we can bet virtual currencies that are bought in the same app. We ask for your part of the responsibility because the game can create addiction. 

    In addition, you can chat with the players during the course of the game. For the rest, do not worry: the rules are exactly the same as in traditional parchís.

    Download Parchís STAR now, free, in the Android Play Store.

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