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Xiaomi increases its market share


    Analytical company IDC has summed up the results of the third quarter of this year and states that world shipments of smartphones demonstrate growth, albeit significant, when compared with periods of rapid market growth.

    Nevertheless, the industry is developing, and the volume of records is not hit but growing. According to experts in the third quarter of this year, 373.1 million smartphones were shipped. Which is 2.7% more than in the same period last year (363.4 million units).

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    Analysis by brands shows that all major vendors of the market have increased their device shipments, eating off a share from small companies. Samsung still holds the palm, which accounts for 22.3% and it managed to ship 83.3 million devices to the market.

    The second place of honor went to Apple, which delivered 46.7 million smartphones, capturing 12.5% of the market. The top three leaders are Huawei and its share is 10.5%, which is the same as 39.1 million units shipped.

    Analysts note the huge growth of Xiaomi. Which managed to double the delivery compared to the same period last year and take the fifth line with a share of 7.4%. In the third quarter, the “Chinese Apple” managed to ship 27.6 million units.

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