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These are all the new features of Google Allo


    In recent weeks the Google messaging application, Google Allo, has been receiving updates on some interesting developments. The most striking, that without any doubt, has aroused interest in users, has been the small search engine for “memes “. Even so, it seems that the American firm of Mountain View wants to continue adding news, and some new interesting features have been discovered.

    The truth is that it does not surprise us, being a practically new application, the big G wants to add things little by little. Above all, to compete for face to face with the big ones, like Telegram or WhatsApp. Be that as it may, the novelties that you have discovered today are very interesting, and then we tell you about them.

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    Thanks to Android Police, we have been able to discover new features that could soon reach Google Allo. And we say ‘could’because these features are not presented officially, Google is just testing them, and could not finally come in future updates.

    Even so, it is interesting to know that new functions will bring us the messaging service if Google decides to add them. According to Android Police, the filtration is very good confidence, and the features are true.

    google allo

    The first novelty we see is a new button in the shortcut bar, which is located just above the text box. There appears a ‘+’ button, which takes us to a small window with very different additions. These are the new features that could come with Allo. First, we must highlight the shared list.

    In principle, this list can be used by the two chat users, and they can modify and add things to the list. Another new feature is used to send special messages. We do not know what special means. But possibly we talk about animated messages.

    Games for more entertaining conversations

    Small mini-games will also be added to interact with the other user of the conversation. We see a Chess, that surely will be used online, with games and score for both users. We also see a game called ‘Quick, Draw !, another one called’ Toadal Pondage ‘and finally’ Pet Hotel ‘. All these games could be played as a couple, with the person we have in the conversation or even in the group.

    Finally, the location and send file feature are displayed. These last two functions are already available in Google Allo, and they do not seem to receive news in that version.

    google allo

    We still do not know when these developments will come to Allo, but we do not believe that they take long, especially since it already seems that these small features are already well developed. Of course, this could be the beginning of a very interesting function. Not only for the application itself, but also for interaction with other contacts or groups.

    In addition, this feature could bring new applications later. Even so, this is not a very important novelty in Allo, but it is always good to add characteristics.

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