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OnePlus 5T showed on the photo


    Huawei is preparing to introduce another smartphone with steep characteristics. Judging by the available data.

    The announcement of OnePlus 5T is worth waiting for November 16, it will have a filling from its predecessor, and win the sympathy of users, it is decided to display a thin frame.

    If the price tag remains at the level of OnePlus 5, then there will be sales hit for connoisseurs of flagship solutions. We learn about pricing already at the presentation, but for now, the network has another picture.

    OnePlus 5T

    The photo looks very realistic and blatantly blatant, indicating that this is a fake, no. Is that, someone may be embarrassed by the fact that the screen is pasted with protective glass or film.

    Someone is actively testing the novelty and took care of protecting the screen? Manufacturers of accessories have already begun their production for OnePlus 5T? You can guess and speculate for a long time.

    We are waiting for the presentation, where we will see for sure what the new flagship turned out to be.

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