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OnePlus 5T will receive Optic AMOLED-display?


    We continue the string of “revelations” concerning the flagship OnePlus 5T.

    We have already witnessed how one of the leading top managers of the company publishes a post in a social network, and there is a hint of a future leader in the text of this message. Naturally, they consider such messages “under a magnifying glass” and interpret them with an eye for already circulating rumors.

    Here and now, the CEO of OnePlus published a post in which he said that “OLED panels help us create thinner devices and improve images. Samsung’s technology is currently the best for Optic AMOLED. ”

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    oneplus 5t

    Nothing specific, is it? On the other hand, with what kind of thing, he suddenly wanted to extol Samsung displays? So many people saw this message a hidden meaning and a hint that OnePlus 5T will also receive the Optic AMOLED-matrix.

    Does this mean that the novelty will offer a screen with an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9? Or maybe this OnePlus is so delicately trolling Google, which needs to solve problems with OLED-screens in Pixel 2 XL? We’ll see, and it’s not too long to wait.

    According to the most optimistic forecasts, the premiere of OnePlus 5T will be held on November 16 or after November 20.

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