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Meizu M5X appears on Geekbench, Snapdragon or not?

    meizu m5x

    The future Meizu M5X appeared on Geekbench, a device that could incorporate a Qualcomm processor, after M6 Notes. Let’s find out the details below, in our dedicated article.

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    A few months ago, Meizu released its first smartphone with SoC with Qualcomm, the M6 Note model, and is now working on the second Snapdragon processor device.

    According to what appeared on Geekbench today (despite the test going back to August), the Meizu M5X could incorporate a Qualcomm processor, more precisely a Snapdragon 617. Always from Geekbench, we notice the presence of Android 7.1.2 and 3GB of RAM.

    meizu m5x

    But a special discourse on the processor in question. The Snapdragon 617 is a two-year-old chip and this makes us doubt about the company’s choices. This may have been a preliminary test version that does not reflect what the final device will be.

    But there is still another detail that creates confusion, that is, the number of cores and the relative frequency. On Geekbench we talk about a six-core processor, while we know that the Snapdragon 617 has eight cores. As far as frequency is concerned, the chip in question comes to a maximum of 1.5GHz while on Geekbench it reads a frequency of 1.65GHz.

    We will try to understand more in the future and we will update you on any developments.

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