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How to share Instagram Stories on Facebook

    How to share Instagram Stories on Facebook

    How to share Instagram Stories on Facebook, We have already moved ahead a few weeks ago but now the feature that allows sharing the Instagram Stories on Facebook is already landing officially. And is that the company of Zuckerberg needed to rekindle the fire of Facebook stories that had been tempered by the breeze of WhatsApp stories and above all, Instagram.

    So, with the new functionality that is arriving in a stepped way (do not be in a hurry, everything comes) we can share directly what we publish in the stories of Instagram in Facebook, although, the operation is something different depending on whether your phone is Android or iOS.

    We will start by remembering that in order to use this and other functions, we must have previously linked our Facebook and Instagram accounts. To do this, we simply have to go to the settings (gear icon) inside the Instagram application, slide to the ‘Linked accounts’ option and once inside we choose ‘Facebook’ and add your credentials, that’s as simple as that.

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    Share with Android

    With your two accounts already linked we go to see how to share the content of the stories between both social networks. If your phone has Android operating system, we will have to activate the option previously to be able to make use of the function. To do this we will have to go to the settings of Instagram and look for the option ‘Configuration of history’.

    How to share Instagram Stories on Facebook

    Once inside this option, we will activate the option ‘Share your history in Facebook’ by sliding the tab to the right. It is important to keep in mind that whenever we post a story on Instagram it will automatically do it on Facebook and that the only way to prevent this from happening is by going back to the settings and deactivating the option.

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    Share with iOS

    Let’s go with iPhone where things are otherwise. In the case of the Apple operating system, we do not have to activate anything, but the option will be available by default if we have the accounts linked previously as we have seen at the beginning. However, unlike Android, every time we publish a story we will have the option to choose whether we want to replicate on Facebook or not.

    How to share Instagram Stories on Facebook

    To do so, at the time of publishing click on ‘Next’ in the lower right side of the image and once here, we will have the possibility to check the option ‘Share in your Facebook story’. As we see it is a lot more practical option in iOS, so hopefully it will end up being similar on Android as well.

    Finally, a fact: the company accounts , ie those linked to a Facebook page and not a private profile, will not have the ability to share their stories, or not at least until the service is also integrated into them, something that at the moment we do not know if it is in the plans of Facebook.

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