Top 5 Best Karaoke Apps For Android – 2017


    Android provide Apps in each and every section. Android also provide Karaoke apps which allow us to record our favorite singer song with same background music in our voice. We can also make changes in audio effects, echo, and adverbs. Sometimes we do not have recording instruments and background music to record our song. We can easily solve this issue with Karaoke Apps For Android which also provides Lyrics of songs. It provides an opportunity for startup singers.

    Best Karaoke Apps

    List Of Best Karaoke Apps For Android.

    1. Karaoke Sing and Record.

    Karaoke Sing and Record is popular in all karaoke apps for android which provides a start up the base to new singers on Android platform. We can browse song from an endless catalog and sing in any language. We can record our song and listen later for review. In the recording, we can easily add some effects like echo, reverb etc and sing along lyrics. This app allows us to share our recording on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this app.

    Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs
    Karaoke - Sing Unlimited Songs

     2. Sing! Karaoke by Smule.

    This is also an Android Karaoke Apps which gives us a feeling the of the singer. It provide awesome recording quality option with video. We can also sing like a star with little bit audio manipulations like echo effects, sound effetc, reverbs etc. We can easily share our recording on social media and collect our fans for popularity. New songs with lyrics are added every week. We can select song from music library and sing it. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this app.

    Smule: Sing Karaoke-Lieder
    Smule: Sing Karaoke-Lieder
    Developer: Smule
    Price: Free

    3. Musixmatch Lyrics and Music.

    It is a combination of music and Karaoke app in which we can listen to songs. It acts as a Music player. It also provides synced Lyrics of songs. We can also search Music for any song. We can record a song in Karaoke Mode to record our favorite song in our voice. Record your songs and practice more with this App. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this app.

    Musixmatch - Songtexte
    Musixmatch - Songtexte
    Developer: Musixmatch
    Price: Free

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    4. SingPlay Karaoke Your MP3s.

    It is an awesome Android app which provides an easy recording of our songs with special effects. We do not need to download stream sound of any song from Youtube. We can easily convert the song in our smartphone into the track while it preserves the original quality of music. We can easily add Lyrics if it is not added in the music file. We can share our recording with our friends and relatives around the world. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this app.

    5. Voice on stage.

    The voice on stage is popular in the list of Karaoke apps for Android which is available on Google play store. We can easily record our song. It provides both audio and video recording. We can easily search songs by artist. We can easily share our song on social media. This app also provides subscription pack to the new song. It requires Android 4.0 or higher. Approximately 50 million users downloaded this song.

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