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How to troubleshoot a Chromecast connection problem

    Troubleshoot chromecast connection problem

    Troubleshoot chromecast connection problem, Setting up a Chromecast is relatively simple, just connect the device to the TV and power to finish configuring it from the Google Home app, but sometimes problems arise due to our Wi-Fi connection.

    There are some Wi-Fi settings that make it difficult to set up your Chromecast or are not compatible with this Google device. If you have problems connecting with your Chromecast then you will see the possible solutions.

    My Chromecast does not appear during setup

    The first step of the Google Home app is to detect your new Chromecast in order to proceed with its configuration. If you do not appear during this first step:

    • Make sure your Chromecast is plugged in properly. A flashing white LED will appear.
    • If you’re using Android 6.0 or higher, make sure your location services are enabled so your Android can find your Chromecast. You must verify that Settings> Location is enabled and that the Google Home app has permission to access your location.

    If Google Home still does not detect your Chromecast you can try to do some of these steps:

    • Close the Google Home app and reopen it.
    • Unplug the power cord from the Chromecast and wait about one minute before plugging it back in again.
    • Set up your Chromecast from another compatible device.

    My Wi-Fi network does not appear during setup

    Troubleshoot chromecast connection problem

    If your Chromecast already appears in the list of new devices then you will go to the second step, which is to detect your Wi-Fi network, and here we can usually find some of these two problems:

    • Using a 5GHz network: The first generation of the Chromecast (2013) supports only 2.4GHz 802.11 b / g / n Wi-Fi networks while the second generation of the Chromecast (2015) supports both Wi- If you have a first-generation Chromecast and a dual-band router you will need to disable access point isolation by entering the WiFi settings of your router ( See the manufacturer’s instructions).
    • Hidden network: If your Wi-Fi network is hidden (it does not publicly show your name) you will have to manually enter the network name and password. For this in Wi-Fi networks touch “Other …”

    I can not connect to the Wi-Fi network I’ve selected

    If the Google Home app has detected both your Chromecast and your Wi-Fi network. but can not establish a connection can be due to:

    • MAC address filtering: If your Wi-Fi router has MAC address filtering enabled you will need to add the MAC address of your Chromecast to the list of filtered devices. The Chromecast’s MAC address identifier appears at the bottom of the Google Home app settings.
    • Client Isolation / Access Point: Your Chromecast will not be able to connect to your router if client/access point isolation is enabled. It must be disabled in the configuration of your Wi-Fi router.
    • Virtual private networks or proxy servers: A Chromecast does not support virtual private networks or proxy servers enabled, you will need to deactivate them from the configuration of your router.
    • UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) / Multicast: Your router will not detect your Chromecast if UPnP (or Multicast) is disabled. Enables UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) protocols on the router.
    • IGMP (Internet Group Management Protocol): If the IGMP network protocol is disabled you will have to enable it, or if the IGMP proxy is enabled you will have to disable it on the router.

    Note: Changing router settings can have undesired consequences. If you have any questions, please contact the manufacturer or your Internet provider.

    I’m having trouble sending apps to my TV

    Troubleshoot chromecast connection problem

    If you have already set up your Wi-Fi network on your Chromecast, you can already send content to your TV or audio equipment by touching the Cast icon that will appear incompatible applications. If this icon does not appear:

    • Make sure the device you’re using to send content is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast.
    • Close and reopen the application.
    • Restart your Chromecast.
    • Restart your mobile device.I’m having trouble setting up or using guest mode


    Troubleshoot chromecast connection problem

    Troubleshoot chromecast connection problem

    Guest Chromecast mode allows our friends to send content without having to be contacted to our Wi-Fi network. By default, this mode is enabled and configured from the Google Home app. If the guest mode PIN does not appear on the TV screen you will need to follow these steps:

    1. Open the Google Home app.
    2. Open the list of devices by clicking the upper left icon.
    3. In the upper right corner of the device card, open its menu and select Guest mode.
    4. Verify that it is enabled.
    5. Turn off the guest mode and turn it on again to see if the PIN appears in both the application and the TV.
    6. If it still does not appear to restart the Chromecast by disconnecting and connecting it from the network.

    If the guest mode PIN appears correctly but the icon for sending content incompatible applications does not appear, check that:

    • You are using a device with Android 4.3 or iOS 7 (or later).
    • Check that Settings> Wi-Fi> Menu> Advanced settings> Search for networks is always on .
    • Make sure your device has a data connection.
    • Check that the TV is not muted.
    • Make sure your mobile device is close enough (about 3 to 5 meters) to the TV and Chromecast.

    I want to change the Wi-Fi connection on my Chromecast

    By default, when your Chromecast does not detect your home Wi-Fi network, it will usually restart automatically to reconfigure your Wi-Fi network. If you do not detect the change of Wi-Fi network we can open Google Home and in the list of devices open the device menu to access your Settings and select Delete in the Wi-Fi section. So we can reconfigure the connection of our Chromecast with the new Wi-Fi network.


    Chromecast is designed to view streaming videos, from cloud services, which, if we have a good contracted speed, will play smoothly, but this does not usually happen with the local content that we send from your mobile device or PC, especially if they are in HD.

    Troubleshoot chromecast connection problem

    With the WiFi Analyzer application we can from our Android channel is the best to configure our Wi-Fi, so that there is no interference and go all faster.

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