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Airtel 4G VoLTE Smartphone Launching This Diwali

    Airtel 4G

    Bharti Airtel is going to bring its 4G handset after the phone. The rumors associated with this phone of the Airtel have been going on since last month. But nowadays, it seems as if the news of Airtel’s phone can be offered in the next few weeks.

    It is news that Bharti Airtel is in the process of negotiating with many handset manufacturers and its 4G VoLTE smartphone is planning to present this Diwali.

    The price of this phone is expected to be 2,500 to 2,700 rupees. Immediately after launching JioPhone of Reliance Jio, Airtel had planned to launch a 4G VoLTE smartphone.

    Jiophone will collide with Airtel Smartphone :

    According to a PTI report – where Mukesh Ambani has launched the Internet enabled feature phone with a refundable amount of Rs 1,500. At the same time, bringing the Airtel feature phones.

    The offer of the company is being offered by the Consumer that they will be ready to spend a bit more for the smartphone.

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    What will be the phone’s features ?

    According to a senior industry executive aware of the plans of Airtel, Airtel has been negotiating with some handset manufacturers. The company is aiming to bring a smartphone which costs around Rs 2,500.

    With this big screen, better camera and battery performance are some of the features that can be available in this smartphone. With this, the company is in the advanced stage of negotiation.

    According to the report- “Airtel’s Dual SIM smartphone is has 4-inch display, dual camera, VoLTE calling and long battery life. This Android handset can come with 1GB RAM. “However, it is not yet revealed when the phone will be made available for sale.

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    Bundle plans to boost Airtel :

    According to a senior analyst at CyberMedia Research – bundled plans with such a 4G smartphone can bring a big difference to both the consumers and the company.

    That too, when the average sale price of 4G smartphones available in the market is 11,000 rupees. Ratnakar Singh, a senior analyst at IDC India, said that to give a good experience to the consumer, bringing a 4G smartphone to Rs 2,500 will be a challenge.

    It is a challenge to put a good quality, screen, battery, and high-speed processor at a price of Rs 2,500.

    With this, the company is hoping that the consumers who are using the feature phone now, spend between Rs 1,000 and Rs 1,500 for switching into the smartphone.

    Similar Goals Different Strategies :

    In this war of data consumers, both Jio and Airtel companies are shifting their focus to 500 million feature phone users, who still use voice services.

    Those who did not upgrade due to non-availability of the phone or because of lack of interest. Nevertheless, both telecom companies are working on different strategies.

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