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How to use Instagram Stories on your mobile without the application


    Let’s say you have problems with the Instagram application. Either by its weight within the memory of the mobile. Because you do not want to raise suspicions of any kind with your partner or friends. Or simply because you do not consult it often and do not want to load it in the terminal. Agree. Is there a way to enjoy Instagram Stories or Instagram Stories without the application? Directly on the mobile? Yes and yes. And here we tell you how to do it.

    Create your Instagram account

    It is inevitable to have an Instagram account. And, if you want to upload or see Instagram Stories, you have to do it as a user. Here there is no trap or cardboard. Therefore, if you do not have a user account, you will have to register directly on the Instagram website.

    The good thing is that, from now on, the service is also web, so the rest of the functions are carried out from the Internet browser, and not from the application. If we wish, of course.

    If we already have an Instagram account, we only have to access it by entering our user data. As if it were the application the first time we started it on the mobile.

    The important thing is that both processes can be carried out directly on the Smartphone. There is no need to approach a computer in any case.

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    Enjoy Instagram Web

    After the latest changes, Instagram is fully operational through the web version. That is, the application is not needed for almost anything. Once we log in, the browser screen becomes that of the application.

    Here we can browse freely through the publications of the accounts that we follow. All this without restrictions when offering Likes or Like or comment on any of the contents. Be it photos or videos.

    The good thing about this web version is that it gives rise to the almost complete use of the application. So we can post photos on our profile with almost the same process. Yes, without any filter. You just have to press the + button on the lower middle part and choose if you want to use the mobile camera or access the gallery.

    So we can take a snapshot of the moment or choose an image stored in the mobile. Yes, say goodbye to filters and editing options.

    And the same with Instagram Stories or Instagram Stories. The web version of Instagram respects the design of the application. That’s why you find all these stories at the top of the browser. All a success to respect the user experience and not mislead users.

    Instagram Stories

    Viewing and publishing Instagram Stories

    Yes, the function of Instagram Stories is also available, operational and functional almost in its entirety also in the web version. In this case, to see the stories, just click on the desired one at the top of the screen. Automatically begins playback, just as in the application. We can also keep the finger on the screen to pause playback. Or slide it to move on to the next story. Of course, you have to click on the triangular button of the videos to play. And press the back key of the terminal to exit this mode.

    If we want to create an Instagram Story we can also do it in the web version, without the application. Just press the camera icon in the upper left part of the screen. With this, we can activate the terminal camera or access the gallery to choose a photo, but not a video.

    Then we confirm the content and access the editing screen. A cropped version allows us only to write a text and take it to any part of the screen. Of course, we can change its color and size.

    With this, we only have to publish the story in our profile. And ready. All without having downloaded Instagram on the mobile at any time.

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