5 interesting features of Bixby on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8


    Bixby is Samsung’s smart assistant who came with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. A different way of organizing our tasks, with features very similar to the Google assistant, but with very interesting options and settings. Bixby not only has voice commands, as Siri does. Bixby has a panel located on the left side of the desktop, where we can add very interesting Widgets. Over time, this assistant has been improving little by little. Below, we tell you all the settings and tricks you should know if you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

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    Activate or deactivate Bixby, and the different options

    Samsung gives us different options for the deactivation of Bixby. Most likely, you know that Bixby has a dedicated button on the left side of the device, just below the volume keypad. Sometimes, when we want to lower the volume of the device, we inadvertently press the Bixby button. This causes the wizard to open. If we do not want to deactivate it, but we want to make the physical button not call the assistant, we must enter the main panel and click on the wheel. A Bixby key warning will appear, if we deactivate it, the button in the left area is deactivated. Even so, the assistant continues to work with a gesture from left to right on the Home button.

    On the other hand, if we want to deactivate Bixby Home (the Bixby panel), we will have to place ourselves in the main screen and access the menu of startup settings, Widgets, and Wallpapers. There, the different screens will appear. The one on the left belongs to Bixby, and if we look, a tab appears to activate or deactivate it. If we slide from right to left Bixby Home is completely disabled.

    In addition, we can also disable Bixby Voice. This option allows us to talk to the assistant and ask for commands. Unfortunately, the voice commands are in English. If you want, you can deactivate them and keep the Home active. To do this, go to the three points on the top right. Then to Settings and in the voice section, deselect the Bixby Voicebox.

    Hide Widgets and fix them

    Another feature that Bixby allows us is to temporarily hide the Widgets that we want. For example, the Assistant’s Home incorporates a Gallery Widget by default. If we want it to disappear for a while, we will have to give it in the three points of the right area, and click on the hide option for now. If we do not want to show again, we give the last option and the Widget will disappear.

    On the other hand, we can set Widgets in the upper zone. We go to the menu of the Widget that we want to fix and click on the option called ‘Fix Up’. Once done, the Widget will appear at the top, and even if we add more, it will not move from there.

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    Bixby and third-party applications

    The truth is that we do not have to disable the Samsung assistant. There are very, very interesting settings and options. The first is the possibility of adding different Widgets to Bixby Home. For example, add a Spotify player, with suggestions for lists and music. Also a Weather Widget. There are many compatible applications with the Samsung assistant.

    features of Bixby

    Bixby Vision, the most interesting thing about Samsung

    The most interesting thing about Bixby is surely Vision. This feature recognizes objects and seeks us images or items to buy. Just go to the camera and slide to the named option. We focus on the object and Vision will do everything else. Once recognized, we can either search for images in Pinterest, translate text or search for a purchase on Amazon.

    Use the physical button for other commands

    Samsung officially does not allow us to activate the physical button for other commands, only for its assistant. Fortunately, there are several applications in the Google Play Store that allow you to activate this button for certain functions. One of the most interesting is Byxby Actions. It is an application with a very intuitive design, and that allows us to add a command to the button. The most interesting is to apply the Bixby button to launch the Google Assistant, which is now available in Spanish.

    We will see if in the future Samsung adds new functions and features to its Assistant. It is a very interesting tool, which will surely take hold little by little. We are looking forward to the voice commands being available in Spanish. We miss some feature, such as better integration with Google, or more compatibility with applications.

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