Today our memory is not what it was. When we had previously memorized countless phone numbers, today we leave everything on our smartphone. Therefore, the issue of passwords-which also increases as we have more accounts-we take it very badly.

Who has not forgotten your mobile PIN? That throws the first stone … In this way, today we are going to bring you in a very specific case, how to recover the PIN or password of a Samsung in a very easy way.

When we forget the PIN of our smartphone we simply have to look for the PUK either online or by calling the company. In the case of forgetting the password to unlock it, we know that we have a problem. If we do not want to format our smartphone, we have to resort to methods that are often not entirely resolutive.

Today we are going to take advantage of one of the features of Samsung phones to teach you how to recover your password.

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Recover a Samsung password easily thanks to Samsung Account

Samsung’s own applications include Find My Mobile. As its name indicates, the application has a main function that is to find our smartphone at the touch of a button. This function acts as the “Find my Google mobile” function but with the Samsung account.

In this way, we will only need the Samsung Account and a smartphone or PC to unlock our smartphone.

Recover Samsung's Pin

With respect to the steps, from mobile or browser we will only have to access Find My Mobile through this link and log in to our account of Samsung Account. Then we will simply click on more and we will go Unlock / Unlock option. This option does not reveal the password but it releases any pattern or password that we have.

In this way, we will have easy access to our Samsung smartphone if we forget our password and remember the Samsung account and its password. As an idea to unlock it in the case of not remembering the password of the Samsung account, which is quite normal, is to use the Google Smart Lock.

Any Bluetooth device can make our smartphone unlock when connected in the case of having previously established, so if we have a wearable, hands-free or something like that, we can avoid these problems easily.