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How to get the new badges in Google Maps

    Badges in Google Maps
    Badges in Google Maps

    Being a Local Guide on Google Maps is practically like a game. You sign up for the program, start scoring sites, write reviews, answer questions and earn points. The points help you to go up the level to get badges. And with them, a series of advantages, such as enjoying three free months of Google Play Music or up to 75% discount for renting movies.

    The fact is that, with the aim of continuing to promote this program, Google Maps has launched a series of new badges that the user can earn. The badge or badge is the sign that appears right next to the user profile picture. Something very similar to the Foursquare badges. Do you remember her?

    These are the new badges in Google Maps

    If you are a good Local Guide on Google Maps, you will soon progress. It is enough that you spend a few minutes a week writing short reviewspreferably with photos. And that you answer, even if it’s a game, the questions Google Maps asks you about the places, restaurants, hotels, and museums you visit.

    But Google wants you to work a little more. From now on, you will be able to get four new badges more. And they are the following: Reviewer, Photographer, Pioneer, and Inquiring.

    Each one of these categories has three levels, which you can reach as you go over it: Beginner, Expert, and Master. But do you know what you have to do to get them? Write down the following.

    If you’re wondering what they’re for, we’ll tell you that it’s really good for very little. Google will not give us anything to get us. The only thing that will allow us to amass prestige as Local Guides in Google Maps. The different levels that you can reach as Local Guide, yes, can help you to get small advantages. Although not as many as at the beginning of the program, when Google came to offer up to 1 TB of free storage in Google Drive.

    Badges in Google Maps

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    How can I get the new badges?

    If you want to get the Reviewer badge, you will have to apply yourself to the art of writing reviews. And you will need

    • Beginner Reviewer: assess and review 3 places, check 3 editions and answer 25 questions.
    • Expert Reviewer: assess and review 25 places, write reviews of more than 200 characters and have written reviews that have been rated as useful up to 5 times.
    • Master Reviewer: assess and review 100 places, write 50 reviews of more than 200 characters and write reviews that have been rated as useful 50 times.

    You will get the Photographer badge if you do the following:

    • Beginner Photographer: add photos from 3 places and get more than 1,000 views.
    • Expert Photographer: add 100 photos, including photos of 25 places and get more than 100,000 views.
    • Master Photographer: add 1,000 photos and 100 more photos of places, get more than a million views.

    To get the Indagador’s, you will also need to work a lot:

    • Beginner inquirer suggests 3 modifications, check 3 editions and answer 25 questions.
    • Expert inquirer : suggest 25 modifications, verify 25 editions and answer 250 questions.
    • Master inquirer: suggest 100 modifications, verify 100 editions and answer 1,000 questions.

    And finally, as a Pioneer, you will have to make an effort doing the following.

    • Pioneer Beginner: add the first photo to a place, the first review and a new place.
    • Pioneer Expert: add the first photo and review to 10 new places and add 10 new places.
    • Pioneer Master: add the first photo and review to 50 new places and add 50 new places.

    Google Maps contribute

    The old contributions also count

    Be careful, what you have done so far will not be lost. The old contributions, whether reviews, editions or photos will count to get the new badges. All you have to do to check if you already have one in your power will be to access the section that summarizes your contributions as a Local Guide on Google Maps.

    If you still do not have any, you still have to work harder. As you can see, Google does not make it easy. So, if you want to grow your ego as a Local Guide, it will be time for you to get down to work.

    The new badges arrive in the Google Maps application with version 9.63.1. However, they may not yet be available to the common user. These new options will arrive progressively soon.

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