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How to hide, identify and view hidden files on Android

    hidden files on android

    It is becoming more common to carry all kinds of files inside an Android smartphone or tablet. By default, anyone can access these files using a simple file browser, which can pose a considerable risk if what we are storing are personal or private data. One of the most basic ways to protect these files from the eyes of unauthorized users is to configure them as hidden files. In this way, we will avoid that, if a person tries to use a file browser, he can see these hidden files (unless he uses the corresponding option). In addition, Android by default hides a large number of files to prevent less experienced users from viewing and modifying them, so if you have to access these hidden files, the first thing we have to do is enable the display option said hidden files.

    In order to manage the hidden files, the first thing that we need will be a file explorer. Virtually any of the current file explorers have the possibility of working with hidden files, although in our case we will use Root Explorer since, from our point of view, it is the best and simplest.

    Root Explorer
    Root Explorer
    Developer: Speed Software
    Price: 4,49 €
    Developer: Speed Software
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    How to hide files on Android

    The Android operating system is based on Linux, so the way to manage the files and folders is the same as that of this operating system. Although to hide a file in Windows we must modify its properties, to do it on a Linux system the process is much simpler since we only have to add a period (.) At the beginning of the name so that, automatically, the file becomes hidden.

    To do this, using, in our case, Root Explorer, we look for the file that we want to hide and we keep pressed on him to select it. With the selected one we open the options menu and choose the option to change name or rename.

    At the beginning of your file name, we add a point so that the result is similar to the following.

    hidden files on android

    Once renamed, the file will be hidden and, if we do not have the option to show hidden files in your browser, you will not see it among the other files.

    How to show hidden files on Android

    As we have said, the exact process varies in different browsers, although roughly it is usually very similar. To do this, all we have to do is open the file explorer preferences and mark the option to “Show hidden files”. The options vary depending on the file explorers, although in most cases this will be within the program settings and under a name similar to ” Show hidden or system files “.

    hidden files on android

    Automatically our browser will already show us these files and we will be able to access them, modify them or delete them without problems (as long as we have the appropriate permissions).

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    How to unlock a hidden file on Android

    To unselect the file, we simply follow the steps of the first point and change its name again, but, this time, deleting the point that appears at the beginning of the file.

    The file will automatically be un-hidden and will reappear next to all the others.

    Hide photos and videos so they do not show up in gallery

    In addition to changing the properties as we have seen in the previous steps, with a simple step it is possible to hide all the photos and videos of a folder so that they do not appear in the different galleries of the system. In this way, for example, that in the gallery of photos and videos of our Android we all appear except those that we receive through WhatsApp, thus leaving only the relevant content.

    For this, the only thing we have to do is, using the same file explorer as before (or any other, such as Astro), navigate to the path where we are saved (for example, inside the WhatsApp folder) and, clicking on the ” + “We will create a new file called within that called folder”. nomedia “(bringing a point at the beginning will be a hidden file).

    hidden files on android

    The file does not have to have anything more, only that name, reason why, in addition, it will occupy 0 bytes. Once the file has been created, Android will detect it and omit all the multimedia contents of the different system libraries, although the files will always be available to access them from a conventional file browser.

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