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How to set up the Amazon Fire TV Stick


    Do you wonder how to configure Amazon Fire TV StickIf you bought the new Amazon gadget, this interests you. We are going to tell you how you can configure it easily and quickly, in a few steps. In 1 minute you will have your “Chromecast” working.

    Set up Amazon Fire TV Stick

    The first thing is to check that everything has arrived well. Check in the box that you have the remote control, the Fire TV Stick and the cable.

    How to set up Amazon Fire TV Stick

    These are the steps to follow to set up Amazon Fire TV Stick in a matter of 1 minute.

    1. Connect the Fire TV Stick to the hollow HDMI of your TV.
    2. Connect the other part of the Fire TV Stick to power or to the USB of the TV.
    3. Take control of your TV> Input> select the entry where the gadget is.
    4. Set up the WiFi network and you’re done (simply choose which network you have to connect to and enter the password).
    5. You will have your Fire TV Stick configured!

    These are the only steps you have to follow to configure it. From that moment, you can grab the remote and play the series or movies you want for free from Prime Video (if you are a Prime user), Netflix and other options. It’s great. You can also send the content to the TV from your smartphone or computer.

     Amazon Fire TV Stick

    Set up Amazon Fire TV Stick with Kodi

    1. Connect and turn on the Amazon  Fire TV Stick.
    2. Go to Settings> System> development options> Activate the Unknown Fonts Applications or ” Apps from Unknown Sources” option.
    3. Now go to the Search menu and choose the Downloader app.
    4. Click Download> Open> and place this Kodi URL to download the APK. If you see that it does not work for you, go to the official website of and choose the version of Android ARMV7A (32 bits).
    5. Click again on download and wait for the Kodi version to download.
    6. Then it will be installed. If it does not come out, choose “install”.
    7. Then click on “open” or open. Kodi will open.

    It’s that easy to install Kodi on Fire TV Stick with Downloader.

    You can see that it is very easy to configure Amazon Fire TV Stick with Kodi. If you have doubts you can ask us. But it will be a matter of following these steps through the Downloader application that you will find in the Amazon gadget.

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